10 Up & Coming Fitness Blogs You Should Be Following

With today's growingly-evident transition into a more health-conscious society, it's important to be up to date with the latest and greatest fitness and well-being advice to better yourself for the long run. So, of course, we laced up our running shoes and jogged through a list of some of our favorites.

Here you can find some of the most talented up-and-coming fitness bloggers, with a Bloglovin' following of roughly 10,000 or less, who we think deserve way more attention. Happy blog surfing!

Adrianne Ho / Sweat the Style

Adrianne Ho of Sweat the Style is a model and global personality known for her pursuit to stay fit, healthy, and stylish in today's fast-paced environment. Through her blog, she hopes to share her fashion and health influence under a positive light.   

Sweat the Style is a "fun community to stay fly, strong, nourished and most importantly hydrated," with roots in "the core values of organic and pure living." Here you'll find anything from quality wellness and health posts, to trendy fashion and beauty content. Adrianne's blog has a really clean, modern aesthetic that perfectly encompasses her personality and lifestyle. 

If you're looking for a super trendy, quality fitness and fashion blog to follow, take a look at Sweat the Style!

Follow: Sweat the Style

Lindsey Calla / Calla in Motion

Lindsey Calla of Calla in Motion is a TV host, blogger, athlete, and style expert, well-known for various sponsorships and partnerships among the likes of Nike, Marie Claire, MTV, and more. 

Lindsey covers style, fitness, lifestyle, and beauty through dynamic images and videos that always impress. She describes her style as a mix between classic comfort and sophistication, and ties her look into the various workout and wellness tips that she offers. 

If you're looking for a well-known personality to give you the rundown on all things style, fitness, lifestyle, and beauty related, take a look at Calla in Motion!

Follow: Calla in Motion

Mike / The Iron You

Mike of The Iron You is a triathelete and Ironman ("an Ironman entails a 2.4 miles swim, followed immediately by a 112 mile cycle and then followed by a 26.2 mile Marathon, all to be completed in 16 hours.") who hopes to share recipes and tips that bring out the best, healthiest version of readers.

The Iron You shares recipes from the angle of "healthy food doesn't have to be boring." Here you'll find wholesome recipes full of flavor and spunk that will help you on your journey to living a healthier life. Mike's images will leave your mouth watering, and his copy will leave you feeling inspired.

If you're looking for a wholesome food blog full of great flavors and content, take a look at The Iron You!

Follow: The Iron You

 Faya / Fitness on Toast

Faya of Fitness on Toast is a Swedish personal trainer and fitness blogger who created her blog as an outlet to share the knowledge and experience she has gained with readers who are just as enthusiastic as she is. 

At Fitness on Toast, you'll find healthy recipes, nutrition tips, informative workout posts, and all things fashion when it comes to fitness. The goal of her blog is to complement the physical aspect of fitness with mental training that creates a driving force of positivity and motivation. Her blog takes "an unbiased, honest, and organic free-range view on 'fitness, nutrition and fashion.'"

If you're looking for a blog to fuel your fitness mentality with recipes, nutrition tips, workout posts, and fashion content, Fitness on Toast is your blog!

Follow: Fitness on Toast

Rachel Brathen

Rachel Brathen is an Aruba-based author, motivational speaker, and international yoga teacher with a love for blogging and sharing her views on fitness with readers. 

Although mainly fitness focused, Rachel's blog covers a wide variety of content; everything from lifestyle, music, recipes, retreats, travel, and more. Rachel is well-known for her yoga practices, and shares her talents through classes, retreats, festivals, and workshops around the world. 

If you're looking for a yoga, lifestyle, recipe, and travel blog written by an internationally renowned yoga teacher, take a look at Rachel Brathen!

Follow: Rachel Brathen

Hannah Bronfman / HBfit 

Hannah Bronfman of HBfit posts wellness, fitness, fashion, travel, and music content that enriches and invigorates her life. She lives by the mantra, "your body is a temple," which resonates through the quality content inhabited on her blog.

Through her blog, Hannah hopes to educate and empower friends, family, and readers with tailored routines and inspiration that pave way for a healthier lifestyle. You can expect nothing but the best from Hannah; her copy is always extremely descriptive and her images are always outstanding.

If you're looking for an enriching blog that approaches content with the mindset that your body is sacred and should be treated as so, take a look at HBfit!

Follow: HBfit

Catherine / Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth

California based Catherine of Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth (RFFMBT) is a fashion-obsessed health nut who started her blogging journey after losing 80 pounds through her diet alone. RFFMBT started out as a small weight loss journey, and eventually became the growing success it is today. 

At RFFMBT you can find plant-based, vegan and vegetarian recipes that focus on supplementing a healthy lifestyle. The name of RFFMBT came out of Catherine's obsession with rabbits, and a more playful transition from "growing up as a chubby bunny," to eventually cutting out processed foods and beginning her weight loss journey. 

If you're looking for a plant-based food blog written by a playful personality to aid you in your journey to a healthier life, look at Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth!

Follow: Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth

Tedi Sarah

NYC based Tedi Sarah is a certified plant-based nutritionist with a love for cooking, eating, and exploring, all while trying to make the world a better place. She started her blog after realizing the importance of healthy eating after trying to create a diet for her dog, Cody, and realizing the similarity between humans and animals. 

Tedi started her blog to share what she's learned about health, wellness and nutrition, as well as some of her of favorite day-to-day things. On her blog, you can find anything from recipes and city guides, to psychology and health content to help you better your well being. 

If you're looking for a healthy lifestyle blog with a warm and welcoming personality, go check out Tedi Sarah!

Follow: Tedi Sarah

Tara / Get The Skinny

Tara is the fashionable London-based blogger behind the blog Get the Skinny. She created her blog to share her athletic journey through fun recipes, reviews, fitness, travel, style, and more, that aim to inspire readers to start their own journey to leading a healthier life.

When she's not blogging, Tara works as a trainer and commercial model; both of which help her create the invigorating content on her blog. Aside from fitness and recipes, you'll also be sure to find plenty of beauty and fashion tips and products that inspire, and even give you the option to purchase.

If you're looking for a London-based fashion and fitness blogger with a clean aesthetic and a wide assortment of content, take a look at Get the Skinny!

Follow: Get the Skinny

Evann Clingan

Evann Clingan is a senior analyst by day, and an "endorphin-fueled redhead and fitness blogger" by night. Based in NYC, Evann shares her boutique fitness and race experiences with the goal to inspire and motivate others to take on similar feats. 

On Evann's blog, you can find anything from half marathon preparations, to yoga and dance inspiration and tips. All of Evann's content is highly detailed and personable, allowing readers to live vicariously through the life of an NYC fitness guru. 

If you're looking for a personable blog that follows the journey of an NYC fitness guru, take a look at Evann Clingan!

Follow: Evann Clingan

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