10 Healthy And Inspiring People To Follow On Instagram

By Teffy Perk

These 10 Instagrammers are here to inspire us all to lead healthier and more balanced lives, without any guilt or shaming. Nothing is forbidden - not even dessert!

1. McKel Hill from Nutrition Stripped

McKel is a registered dietician who cooks up delicious looking food. All her dishes are nutritional superstars, and her account is loaded with tips, tricks, and delicious recipes to keep you on your healthful path.

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2. Teffy Perk from Sprinkle of Green

Teffy does an absolutely incredibly job of transforming favourite desserts into healthier versions. An account that doesn’t try and shove health down your throats but instead takes a more laid-back, everyone-finds-their-own-balance approach.

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3. Heather Hands from Flourishing Foodie

Heather makes mouthwatering food with a focus on fresh local ingredients, cooking up a storm that tends to require minimal effort, showcasing food in it's most natural form. Healthy eating doesn't have to be all superfoods and kale, it can be delicious home cooked meals as well.

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4. Alyssa Rimmer from Simply Quinoa

Quinoa has taken the health world by storm, and no one makes such good use of this pseudo-cereal like Alyssa. Ranging both sweet and savoury recipes, Simply Quinoa will show you new and inventive ways to use the darling "grain" of the health world.

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5. Jordan Younger from The Balanced Blonde

Jordan really practices exactly what she preaches - balance. This LA girl is a source of inspiration for all who know that health is not a one-size-fits-all, and that sometimes you just need to have a cocktail alongside your green juice.

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6. Izy Hossack from Top With Cinnamon

Izy might be young, but boy can she bake! A veteran in the blogging world and currently studying food science at University, you bet this girl knows what she's doing. Though not all her recipes are healthy, she does do many that are gluten, dairy, and even refined sugar free.

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7. Sophie Bourdon from The Green Life

Sophie is a holistic nutritionist, so not only are all her recipes beautifully shot and styled, but they are full of goodness as well. Try any recipe you like, you won't be disappointed!

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8. Sarah Britton from My New Roots

Sarah B is an Instagram veteran, and this Canadian holistic nutritionist living in Denmark definitely knows what she's doing! Beautifully photographed and inventive dishes keep you coming back for more. Sarah's My New Roots is definitely here to stay!

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9. Sarah from Well and Full

Sarah shares her own plant based journey to health and wellness, beautifully documented on her well curated Instagram. Expect colourful food that'll inspire you to eat the rainbow.

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10. Nina Olsson from Nourish Atelier

Swede Nina Olsson shares her passion for making and eating good vegetarian food. She makes food that can be enjoyed by all, meat-eaters and veggies alike, inspiring all to add more plant based foods into their diet.

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