10 Quick Ways To Boost Your Blog's Pageviews

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Last week, we shared resources for monetizing your blog and it got me thinking about the growth we’ve had with The Blog Market. When I ran only my personal blog, I never paid attention to my pageviews. I looked at followers, referrers, and number of comments, but never pageviews. Developing TBM, I realized that pageviews are actually important and can bring in a lot of amazing opportunities (collaboration, monetization, etc). We have been running TBM for about a year and a half now and we’re still consistently growing in many different ways. Here are a few simple steps we’ve taken to boost our traffic over the past year!

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1. Optimize Pinterest and Pin Your Posts

Pinning each of your posts is one of the easiest ways to get your content out into the world. But aside from just pinning, there are a few other ways you can take advantage of Pinterest to grow your readership. By now, you probably already know that vertical-oriented images perform better on Pinterest. Try to always include one Pinterest-optimized image in your blog posts that is tall and include text if relevant (like if it’s a “how-to” type of blog post). Next, you’ll want to make sure you don’t have any mistakes talked about in this resources blog post. You can also try to include a CTA in your captions or enable rich pins (that way the viewer will automatically know what kind of article they’re clicking into). Lastly, make sure your content can easily be pinned by readers! We’ve used this plugin to add a custom pin-it button over all of our photos on hover.

2. Get Active on a New Social Media Network

Is there a social media channel you haven’t tried yet, like Twitter or FB groups? If so, try one of these new networks out for a month and see what it does! Different people hang out on different social apps, so this is a great way to get your name out to new people.

3. Tweak Your Titles and Include Buzzwords

Titles are the first thing most of your potential readers will see. Put yourself in the shoes of your blog readers and ask yourself if your title would be intriguing enough to make you click through to read the rest of the post. Add some buzzwords like “how to”, “free” or “the top ___ ways to ___” But only if they’re relevant to your blog post. ;)

4. Try Advertising With A Blog You Admire

Purchasing an ad from a blogger with a similar vibe as you can get your blog introduced to a whole new group of people. Remember to make sure you’re advertising with someone who has an audience relatable to your ideal reader (you want to attract people who will love your content). Also, check out their stats before purchasing an ad to see if it’s worth it to you.

5. Feature Other Bloggers and Blog Posts

Blogging is about community so you might find that when you give a little love, you get a little love. I hesitated to list this one as a way to increase pageviews, because featuring others should always be genuine and you really shouldn’t expect anything in return. But if you can find ways to naturally shout out to your favorite bloggers, go for it! Engaging in the blogging community is an amazing way to grow your blog authentically.

6. Leave Comments On Blog Posts You Enjoy

Along the same lines, leaving comments is an effective way to lead people back to your site. Of course that should never be the goal. Notice how I said to leave comments on posts you enjoy. Keep your comments honest and genuine and the author of the blog will probably click back to your site (we always do!).

7. Utilize Your Bloglovin' Account

We love Bloglovin’ so much! Nowadays, most creative/lifestyle bloggers and readers use BL as their primary blog feed. We have gained so much readership through it and we also use it to discover new blogs. A while ago, I shared 5 ways to make the most of your Bloglovin’ account. Check out the list to see exactly how we’ve used Bloglovin’ to grow TBM!

8. Revive Your Old Content

It’s always unfortunate when your valuable content gets buried in the archives of your site. Bring it back into focus for your new readers who may not have seen it! You might try posting something like “10 of my top DIY projects” and highlight your older posts. Or you can add a “related posts” section to the bottom of your entries. The most natural way for us to share old content is to link to it in our newer posts (like I did in the last paragraph).

9. Show Excerpts Rather Than Full Text

If you’re like me, you’re not a big fan of scrolling. Sometimes I just don’t make it through a whole long page of blog posts (I know, what a lazy millennial). So I love when posts on the blog home page just show excerpts with a “read more” button, maybe in a grid layout. This isn’t particularly necessary, but it can be nice for your readers and for you since it’ll encourage readers to click around your site more.

10. Add Another Weekly Post to Your Schedule

Disclaimer: I think you can experience blog growth whether you post twice a week or six times a week, so don’t be discouraged if you feel like you can’t post every day (especially if you’re blogging solo!). But if you have time, test the waters out by adding an extra post to your week. Since Bloglovin’ is one of our main sources of traffic, we usually find that an extra blog post will bring in more pageviews and more new readers.

If you can make a habit of incorporating a few of these tips into your blog writing/promoting process, I’m sure you’ll experience growth in your site’s traffic. Let us know if you decide to try one of these methods or if anything different has worked for you!

See the original post / Follow The Blog Market on Bloglovin'

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