10 Reasons You Should Study Abroad Now

by Sandrine Vaillancourt

Image via Framboise Fashion

1- You will find a second home

Studying abroad implies that you will live in another city for a while, and it will eventually become your second home. It’s a city that will make you feel comfortable, and welcomed. Whenever you come back, it will always be very special for you.

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2- Learn a new language

Depending on where you want to study, you might have the opportunity to learn a new language, and this is the best time to do it! You will have real life practice, other students can help you, and going to school in a new language will speed up the learning process.

3- Discover a new culture

Celebrating the holidays, eating local food, and exploring the different areas of town will make you fall in love with the culture around you. What better way to learn about it than living in it?

4- Learn to be more independent

Going to school abroad can be a real challenge, especially since you are going alone. You will learn to manage a budget, to live in a city that you don’t know, and to be far from home. Eventually, these challenges will become part of your life.

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5- New friends

Going to a new school abroad is the perfect opportunity to meet a lot of people. They will be part of your experience, and will make everything better!

6- Manage Your Money Better

Because living abroad can sometimes be more expensive, you will have to learn to manage your budget. Everything you learn will be helpful for your future.

7- Work harder

Especially if you are going to school in another language, you will have to double up the efforts to success, but it is worth it.

8- Experiences out of your comfort zone

Studying abroad is the perfect opportunity to experience things outside of your comfort zone. Talk to people, try new activities, get involved at school, etc.

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9- Become less materialistic

Part of living abroad means that you will have to leave some of your things behind. And soon enough, you will realize that the experience is more important than all the material stuff you own.

10- It will become Your own unique experience

It is an experience that you will be able to cherish all your life, and you should be grateful for everything that it brought you: friends, experiences, knowledge, and much more.  

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