10 Up & Coming Street Style Blogs You Should Be Following

Self-expression and individuality are two elements of one's identity that can be conveyed through fashion. Rather than going with the flow, street style is all about making an effort to stand above the crowd, and acting as a unique source of inspiration for others. Shifting focus to the streets, we picked out some of our favorite street style bloggers who demonstrate what creativity is all about. Take a look!

Here you can find some of the most talented up-and-coming street style bloggers, with a Bloglovin' following of roughly 10,000 or less, who we think deserve way more attention. Happy blog surfing!

Adam Katz sinding / Le 21ème

Le 21ème is NOT a street style blog. Adam positions his site as a "photo-journalistic view into the daily world of fashion from cities and Fashion Weeks around the world." 

Adam takes on fashion with a visual approach, letting viewers interpret inspiration and styles in their own way. In fact, the only details provided are the "who," "what," "when," and "where" aspects of images. And, as you can see, the quality of content is extraordinary, all telling an emotion-packed story of fashion in the moment.

If you're looking for an outstanding, visuals-focused site full of great style and emotion, take a look at Le 21ème!

Follow: Le 21ème

Jessie Bush / We The People

Paris-based Jessie Bush of We The People uses her blog as an outlet to share the inspiration she sees out-and-about on a daily basis. What started out as a simple street style blog in New Zealand eventually grew into the largely-diverse hub of all things fashion that it is today. 

The concept of We The People surrounds those who inhabit it; it establishes a cohesive sense of diversity through cultures, personalities, and styles that all come together as one. Aside from street style, Jessie also dabbles in travel, food, and personal style as well. Safe to say, you can expect nothing but the best from Jessie.

If you're looking for a quality street style blog full of diversity and the occasional food and travel post, take a look at We The People!

Follow: We The People


Malaysia-based Nicholas of Garbage Lapsap gives you an inside look into the "comfortable chic" street style of Asia. His blog takes on the angle of a "street style documentary," giving readers a visual story of fashion and its ever-changing progression. 

Nicholas' approach to capturing style can be described as modern and simplistic, but with an individualistic and artistic flare that makes fashion unique. He has collaborated with big names such as YSL and Tod's, and has been featured among the likes of StyleCaster, Esquire, and The New Yorker.

If you're looking for a glimpse into the comfortable chic street style of Asia, take a look at Garbage Lapsap!

Follow: Garbage Lapsap

Liisa & Sampo / Hel Looks

Liisa and Sampo run Hel Looks, a modern street style blog based in Helsinski, Finland. All of the subjects the duo capture have a fun, chic, creative style that never fails to inspire.

Hel Looks has an unconventional, simplistic design, reminiscent of a slideshow, that puts an emphasis on the images that inhabit it. Everyone who's featured is quoted on their outfit or demeanor, adding a level of personality and attainability when it comes to their styles. 

If you're looking for awesome Finnish street style, look no further than Hel Looks. 

Follow: Hel Looks

Tatel Velásquez / Trendycrew

Trendycrew is the result of mixing Barcelona-based Tatel Velásquez's favorite things–photography and fashion. Tatel is constantly capturing the essence of street style in the moment through the compelling content she creates.

Tatel has an eye for detail, and always manages to capture some of the most unique, well-put-together fashion ensembles when she's out. She travels near and far to pursue her love for fashion–anywhere from Paris Fashion Week, to Germany, Italy, and Athens. You'll be sure to find everything from street style, illustrations, fashion, travel, and more on Trendycrew. 

If you're looking for a blogger who perfectly encompasses the concept of street style through oh-so-worldly posts, check out Trendycrew!

Follow: Trendycrew

Bill / Backyard Bill

Brooklyn-based Bill of Backyard Bill created his site as a way to share the pictures he took of friends around the neighborhood. Eventually, his platform grew into a way of capturing the personalities, cultures, and styles of those who he shoots around the world.  

Bill travels far and wide to the homes and spaces that take on the personalities of the subjects he shoots. He organizes content into distinctive categories sorted by individuals, all of whom come with a unique story, interview, or background that helps readers get to know them on a more personal level. Content quality never fails to impress, and you will always crave more after scrolling through and seeing Bill's work.

If you're looking for an individuals-focused blog full of diversity, quality photos, and interviews that capture the essence of styles around the world, take a peek at Backyard Bill!

Follow: Backyard Bill

Sandra Semburg / A Love is Blind

Paris-based Sandra Semburg is a fashion and portrait photographer who is constantly traveling the world to capture noteworthy street style and fashion in the moment. Her blog started as a way to share her work, and eventually grew into a street style powerhouse and Vogue partner site.

Sandra's taste in fashion can be described as simplistic–a love for jeans, a t-shirt, and a blazer– with a pop of color or print(s) for imagination. Her list of traveled-to locations is growing, and she currently takes on fashion capitals London, New York, Milan, Paris, and more. Through her blog, she hopes to not only capture the personalities and styles of subjects around the world, but to also refine her amazing photography skills and inspire those who view her work.

If you're looking for street style from the eyes of a Berlin-based globetrotter with a love for simplistic but contrasty styles, take a look at A Love is Blind!

Follow: A Love is Blind

Wayne Tippetts / Street Style Aesthetic

Photographer Wayne Tippetts is the mastermind behind Street Style Aesthetic. His approach to shooting street style follows the tag line, "it's not just the clothes – it's the people who wear them," establishing a strong bond between individuality and fashion.

Wayne has been in the street style business for a while, sparking his love in the early '80s documenting the "rich and varied expressions of street life" in Camden Town. He takes on the fashion scene with his refined eye for distinctive styles–those that establish an emotional connection between viewers and the subjects' personalities. When scrolling through Wayne's content, it feels almost as if you are getting to know the hundreds of personalities he captures; and once you start, it's hard to stop. 

If you're looking for a photographer who focuses on the connection between personalities and fashion around the world, take a look at Street Style Aesthetic!

Follow: Street Style Aesthetic

Vanessa Jackman

Vanessa Jackman is a London-based photographer with a modernized-vintage style, and an eye for the coolest looks on the streets. All of her images showcase great styles, and establish an almost one-to-one connection with viewers and subjects.

One of our favorite things about Vanessa's blog is that she not only captures the styles she shoots, but she also links to product pages (or similar) to let readers recreate the looks for their own styles. Plus, all of Vanessa's images are quality, with a warm, film-like style that gives you an urge to scroll indefinitely. Aside from only posting street style, you will also find some more personal posts that showcase her favorite things. 

If you're looking for a charming, modernized-vintage street style blog, take a look at Vanessa Jackman!

Follow: Vanessa Jackman

Lee Oliveira

Lee Oliveira is a global street style photographer, blogger, and trend forecaster based in Sydney. Lee is constantly traveling to new and exotic places, with a goal of capturing the latest and greatest fashion trends and styles, as well as distinctive individuality across cultures.   

Lee has collaborated with, and been featured by, big names such as Gucci, Valentino, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, and more. The main emphasis of his art is to celebrate the "beauty of individual style through photography," and to share that individuality with others with the hopes of sparking the desire to express oneself as well. And of course, all of the images Lee captures are outstanding, with a minimalistic post-processing that fuels the idea of realism and attainability.

If you're looking for a worldly street style photographer and blogger who focuses on capturing the essence of individuality across cultures, take a look at Lee Oliveira!

Follow: Lee Oliveira

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