10 Up & Coming Men's Fashion Blogs You Should Be Following

Men's fashion is a category that is constantly evolving with the times. Rather than sticking to boring traditional looks, it's important to have sources that inspire with unique blends of culture, color, streetstyle, and more. To get you started, we went through some of our favorite men's fashion bloggers who bring something unique to the table below. Take a look!

Here you can find some of the most talented up-and-coming men's fashion bloggers, with a Bloglovin' following of roughly 10,000 or less, who we think deserve way more attention. Happy blog surfing!

Marcel Floruss / One Dapper Street

NYC-based Marcel Floruss is the mastermind behind the menswear blog, One Dapper Street. Marcel created his blog as an outlet to share inspiration from his "dapper combinations" of all things fashion. 

On One Dapper Street, you'll find anything from trendy streetstyle looks, to an insider's perspective on big-name events and brands. Marcel's style can be described as an edgy but clean streetstyle twist on classic menswear, and there are definitely plenty of dapper looks to hook you and keep you inspired.

If you're looking for an edgy but modern menswear blog with great styles, streetwear, travel, and more, take a look at One Dapper Street!

Follow: One Dapper Street

Alexander Atkins / Mr Essentialist

Mr Essentialist is the contemporary menswear, style, and grooming blog run by Alexander Atkins. Originally from New Zealand and now based in New York, Alexander's style is extremely modern, featuring classic looks infused with eclectic streetstyle.

Mr Essentialist is "an online destination for the discerning man," and as the name implies, he focuses on nothing but the essentials that every man should have. Likewise, all of his content supports his essentialist concept; his blog is full of quality images that strictly focus on what he's wearing, and the optimal amount of text to get his point across. 

If you're looking for a modern men's fashion blog that focuses on the essentials through minimalistic images and copy, take a look at Mr Essentialist!

Follow: Mr Essentialist

Mikko Puttonen

London-based Finnish photographer and blogger Mikko Puttonen brings a creative eye for all things fashion to the blogosphere. 

Mikko's blog takes on style with a predominantly visuals-focused approach; his bright, modern images will leave you feeling nothing but inspired. He even creates GIFs that add a layer of realism and attainability to his looks. Whether you're looking for fashion, photo diaries, or even photography, you'll be sure to find it and more on Mikko's blog. 

If you're looking for a blogger who takes on fashion with a creative, bright, and modern approach, check out Mikko Puttonen.

Follow: Mikko Puttonen

Lougè Delcy / Dapper Lou

Lougè Delcy created Dapper Lou to showcase daily street and personal style. Since its launch in 2009, Dapper Lou has evolved into a "multifaceted inspirational destination featuring Lougè's perspective on menswear, culture, travel, and art."

Lougè breaks up his content into distinctive categories–perspective, editorial, lifestyle, street, and interviews–all of which are full of outstandingly beautiful images that give you a glimpse into the lives of others or Lougè himself. His contemporary style embodies culture on a global scale, and you'll always crave more after scrolling through his work.

If you're looking for a men's fashion and lifestyle blog that gives you a global perspective on culture and style, take a look at Dapper Lou!

Follow: Dapper Lou


MYBELONGING is the immersive, "high fashion destination next door" by Tommy Lei. Tommy created his blog as a heart-to-heart "visual dialogue about fashion and lifestyle."

Tommy's style is a hybrid between high fashion and modern-casual, and his blog is full of minimalistic, quality content that seamlessly ties his looks together. The ongoing theme of MYBELONGING is "styletelling," captivating readers with fashion, travel, food, and more. There's never a dull moment on Tommy's blog! 

If you're looking for a casual and immersive high-fashion blog with minimalistic content and "styletelling," take a look at MYBELONGING.  


Andreas Wijk

Swedish fashion blogger, TV host, and model Andreas Wijk started his blogging journey at an early age of 16. Since its launch, his site has become the all-inclusive travel, lifestyle, and fashion blog that it is today. 

Andreas' life looks like one out of a magazine, and his high-end, beachy style is perfectly captured by his awesome content. When he's not blogging, you can find Andreas working on his music career, or even collaborating with big names among the likes Adidas, River Island, Gucci, and more. 

If you're looking for a men's fashion blogger, TV host, and model with a magazine-esque, beachy style, take a look at Andreas Wijk!

Follow: Andreas Wijk

Drew Scott / Imdrewscott

LA-based Drew Scott is the dedicated fashionista behind Imdrewscott. Currently studying at FIDM in California, Drew is constantly exploring and refining his modern LA style. 

Drew's blogging journey started at an early age of 13, and revolves around the idea of self-growth and persistently standing above the crowd. On his blog you'll find anything from fashion and photography, to DIY and recipes for any occasion. Take a look for a daily dose of great style and more!

If you're looking for an LA-based men's fashion blogger with an ever-growing, modern LA style, check out Imdrewscott!

Follow: Imdrewscott

McArthur Joseph / Daily Mister

Daily Mister was created out of Mac's exhaustion from the "pretentious monotony of menswear blogs." His blog is "an online destination for young gentlemen to get their fix of style and culture without all the serious stuff."  

Based in NYC, Mac's look is the perfect combination of modern streetstyle and culture. When he's not blogging, Mac is a digital consultant, freelance writer, stylist, and DJ, and his work can be seen in big-name sources like Details and Fashion Beans.

If you're looking for a humble NYC blogger to inspire you with culture-infused, modern streetstyle looks, take a look at Daily Mister.

Follow: Daily Mister

Brock & Chris / Yummertime

Brock & Chris are the San Francisco-based duo behind Yummertime. The couple takes on California with their bright, summery styles, and oh-so-joyful personalities. 

Yummertime (defined: n. a good feeling; a good life) is Brock and Chris' outlet to share looks, eats, places, and more, all while making you feel overwhelming warmness and color that give you an urge to dive into the scenes they post. Plus, you get two perspectives on everything they share; it's like reading two awesome blogs in one. 

If you're looking for a summery San Francisco men's blog with two warm and colorful perspectives on style, places, and more, take a look at Yummertime!

Follow: Yummertime

Will Taylor / Bright.Bazaar

Bright.Bazaar is Will's "colorful, make-you-smile style world." Based in London, Will takes on the seemlingly-monochromatic fashion industry with bright colors and a fun personality. 

The fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger shares his unique, hue-infused perspectives with readers, with the intent to inspire and spark a smile. He has a love for anything striped or nautical (and pizza), and you can see the recurring themes throughout his work. Will has even been featured in publications like Refinery29, Elle Decor, and Buzzfeed for his vibrant outlook on life. 

If you're looking for a blogger who seeks out color in a seemingly-monochromatic world, take a look at Bright.Bazaar!

Follow: Bright.Bazaar

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