17 Secrets Of Successful People

by Jessica Sletmo

Success is easy to strive for but difficult to achieve. You may be asking yourself what it is that separates successful people from the rest of us and the truth is that they have a few things in common. Adopting their habits may end up making your journey less of a struggle, it may also be the key to your success. Here are 17 secrets that will guide your way to the top!

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2 Things Successful People Have in Common

By Zanita

“In a world where we’re hyperaware of everyone’s accomplishments, it’s easy to look around you and immediately think success came easily for some and that money and connections are the two contributing factors to success. I see this all the time as I read comments about successful fashion bloggers on WhoWhatWear and Fashionista, but if you look deeper, you’ll quickly realize that there are two key things that actually propelled those individuals to where they are today. With these things in mind, you too, can cultivate yourself, build good habits, and some day get there.”

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7 Habits That Successful People Have – And How To Implement ’Em In Your Job

By Chapter Friday

“Ah, success. The thing that us go getter girls seem to want most of all: in our careers, our social lives, our relationships; in short, we want it all. And we want it NOW! But even if you created a very clear to-do list the previous evening, the next day it can be quite tricky to stick to those big plans. Because life gets in the way – for example in the form of a dear friend that you haven’t seen in ages and who asks you out for coffee, or a sudden shift in deadlines, or errands that take dreadfully long.

You get the point: there are a lot of scenario’s that get in the way. Lucky for us there is a book that studied the behaviour of successful people and came up with seven habits that they all seem to have.”

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8 Health Secrets Of Super Successful People

By Career Girl Daily

“The kind of successful person who has the perfect balance is very health conscious. Unfortunately if you neglect your health it’s pretty hard to be successful, because burnouts and lack of motivation happen when you aren’t taking care of yourself. Here are ten things that super successful people do for a healthier body and mind.”

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