20 Ways to Reward Yourself on a Weekly Basis

by Sandrine Vaillancourt

Whenever you accomplish something, it is always great to reward yourself. It can be after a workout, a week loaded with work, an exam, or just because you want to feel good. Rewarding yourself on a weekly basis can be beneficial for your mood, and your motivation. You deserve it, so here are 20 ways to do it…

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1.     Get a manicure. Homemade, in front of the television or at the salon, it will make you feel great instantly.

2.     Take a bubble bath. The ultimate relaxation, and take your time!

3.     Put money aside for a trip. Saving a specific amount each week will help you achieve a bigger treat like a trip.

4.     Go out for dinner. Whether it is to your favorite restaurant, to your mom’s house, or to eat fast food…

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5.     Indulge in a sweet treat. Or salty. And don’t feel guilty about it.

6.     Watch a movie in bed. Slip in your comfiest pyjamas and enjoy.

7.     Take time off the Internet. Sometimes, we all need a break from the outside world, and during that time, you’ll be able to do anything, and you won’t be disturbed.

8.     Read a book. Or a magazine.

9.     Pick up flowers at your local market. This little attention will bring joy into your home.

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10. Listen to loud music. And don’t forget to dance!

11. Have a glass of wine. Invite your friends for dinner, and chat with them. 

12. Wander around town. There are probably many areas that you’ve never seen. A little bit of surprise can’t hurt.

13. Look at old memories. This is a great way to make you smile.

14. Call a friend or a family member. Someone you haven’t talked to in a while, or someone you talk to every day.

15. Cook your favorite meal. And don’t forget to turn the music on while you cook!

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16. Sleep 15 more minutes. Or go to sleep early.

17. Write in a diary. It is so liberating, and very amusing to read later in your life.

18. Organize a picnic. What better way to enjoy the weather?

19. Go to the cinema.

20.  Go shopping. It can't hurt...

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