21 Alternative Ways To Meditate

Even though meditation has such a positive impact on our health, not everyone feel like meditation is something for them. Fortunately, there are ways to reap the benefits of the act without participating in the most normal practice. These are 21 alternative ways to meditate:

6 Alternative Forms Of Meditation For People Who Hate Doing Nothing

By Lifehack

“People have been meditating for thousands of years and for the most part it’s been practiced by monks, disciples of spirituality, and hippies. Over the last decade, however, meditation has been gaining a new fan base: scientists.

Meditation has been rigorously studied by the scientific community and the findings of these studies has alarmed everyone. Meditation, it turns out, really works. It doesn’t just help significantly with depression and anxiety, it’s also been shown to help with anti-aging, fighting infections, and even combating feelings of loneliness!

However, if you’re like me, the mere thought of doing nothing for 20 minutes stresses me out more than any amount of meditation could redeem.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of the 6 best alternative forms of meditation for the fidgeters, workaholics, ADD’ers, and multi-taskers of the world who want to get the benefits of formal meditation practice but without the ‘doing nothing’ part.”

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5 Things To Try When Meditation Doesn’t Work For You

By Career Girl Daily

“Some people, like Arianna Huffington and some of the successful women we’ve interviewed, treat meditation like the rest of us treat our morning coffee. They just can’t get things done without it, they can’t get into the zone and tick off all their to-dos unless they’ve done ten minutes of guided meditation.

But for others, it’s even more difficult to get into the zone. To shut off your thoughts, take a deep breath and visualize. If meditation isn’t for you, there are a few things you can try to still get that space.”

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10 Unexpected Ways To Meditate Every Day

By Greatist

“Ready to get Zen? Meditation can do way more than people think—and it’s not just for hippies. Practicing meditation regularly has legitimate health advantages, especially for the brain. Studies suggest meditation can do it all: reduce anxiety and sensitivity to pain, make us smarter, ward off sickness, and prevent stress. If carving out an hour to sit on a cushion doesn't float your boat, there are many unexpected ways to meditate every day. Get the benefits of meditation by trying out an alternative style from the list below.”

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