26 Women-Run Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

We love a good podcast and today we are, therefore, sharing 26 recommendations with you. Did we mention they are all women-run? Check them out below!

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7 Women-Run Podcasts That Will Make You A Smarter Human

By Career Contessa

“What’s not to love about a good podcast?

You get the thrill of a good story from anywhere, anytime, without having to schlep a heavy hardcover book with you onto the subway. And while we love a good rerun of Serial and we’re diehard fans of Alec Baldwin’s podcast, here’s the thing (pun intended, Alec): there are a ton of other podcasts out there that deserve a little love.

That’s particularly true of the podcasts cool women like us are putting out on all sorts of topics from dating advice to exploring the side hustle generation. So let’s show our support, shall we? Here are some of our favorites:”

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10 Best Podcasts By Women You Probably Haven't Heard — And Need To Now

By Mashable

“Like other forms of media, the podcast industry is largely dominated by white, male voices. Take a quick look at the top 10 podcasts in iTunes, and you’ll notice that only two are hosted by women and one is co-hosted by both a man and woman.

In 2013, men hosted 70% of the most popular podcasts in podcast-delivery phone app Stitcher, according to Bitch magazine. To be fair, this was before Serial — which currently takes the top spot in iTunes — catalyzed a podcast revival when it launched in October 2014 and became the fastest podcast to reach five million downloads. Serial exposed more people to not only a woman’s voice but also the podcast medium itself.

But the industry’s lack of diversity is still apparent, and it’s not something that’s gone unnoticed. Just last year, Charley Locke wrote a piece in WIRED titled ‘Podcasts’ biggest problem isn’t discovery, it’s diversity.’ One of Locke’s criticisms was cross-promotion, like curated recommendations by This American Life, and the lack of attention to diverse listeners.

‘When a white, male host recommends another podcast hosted by a white, male host to a white, male listener, there’s not much room for a diversity of voices,’ she wrote.

So, as someone who doesn’t fall under the category of white or male, I rounded up 10 of my favorite podcasts by women meant for all kinds of listeners.”

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9 Women-Run Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

By StyleCaster

“Chances are your weekend plans involve being horizontal on your couch in a food-induced stupor (#same). But even so, that doesn’t mean old reruns of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ are your only option when it comes to entertainment—some of the best podcasts out there are run for women, by women, and they are totally binge-worthy.

There are pretty amazing women hosting their own podcasts right now, offering inspiration and advice on love, sex, career, friendship, and everything else that matters to the modern female. Grab your phone and a pair of earbuds, and fire up one of these series.”

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