3 Reasons To Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation is the most effective way to remove dead skin cells and overnight buildup, and these three bloggers highlight the importance of the process in your daily beauty routine. Read on to find out the best tips and tricks to achieving smooth radiant skin for spring.


"Do you know how to exfoliate? Seems like an odd question, but there are some insider tricks when it comes to sloughing away dead skin that can get you better results in less time. If you don't exfoliate on the regular, now is the time to start. Whether a dermatologist, facialist or podiatrist, there are many specialists who know just how important this process is and the benefits it can have for your skin, but before we let you in on their secrets, there is one mistake even we beauty editors make when it comes to exfoliating: not doing it. By that, we mean you have to be consistent, rather than just scrubbing before your friend's wedding or a beach holiday. Why? If you don't factor exfoliation into your daily routine, you won't see results as quickly as you'd like (or even at all). Little and often is the key."

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The Zoe Report

"What you do as soon as you wake up can have a major impact on how your complexion looks not only for the day ahead, but also for the long haul. Sloughing off dead skin cells is the perfect way to wake up your complexion. It also removes the invisible layer of overnight buildup that creates a block between your skin and your go-to skincare products."

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Olivia Palermo

"Spring, is finally here bringing with it the yearn to give a bit of a refresh to our skin – waking it up from being somewhat dull and tired. Enter, exfoliation. Providing a bit of a kick-start and a little extra attention to boost the natural renewal cycle it helps the skin to breathe, look radiant and feel ultra-smooth.

Aiding in removing the dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface, it’s important to introduce this important step into your beauty regimen especially considering that as we age our cell turnover slows down leaving us with a dull lifeless complexion. By doing weekly exfoliation it will help get rid of the dead top layer of skin allowing moisturisers and serums to better penetrate into the skin and help foundation glide on more smoothly, instead of just having them sit on the skin’s surface giving you build up on top of build up resulting in blocked pores, and a dull lifeless complexion."

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