Stop Saying That You're Fine, And Start Saying No

by Jessica Sletmo

You are the most important person in your life and it’s time you start acting like it. Treating yourself right doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s all about making small changes in favor of your well being. These articles will teach you how to say no, how to put up personal boundaries and why to stop saying you’re fine.

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13 Powerful Ways Of Saying No (When You Want To Say Yes…)

By Chapter Friday

“Here’s the thing about saying ‘no’ – whether it’s in work, friendship or any other type of interpersonal relationship. Just because you could do something, doesn’t mean you have to do it. Being able to say ‘no’ – and knowing that that’s OK – is something that will change your life. It doesn’t mean you are selfish, it simply means you are taking care of yourself and setting boundaries.”

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5 Ways To Set Personal Boundaries

By Free People

“I have been adding more and more to my plate, and I’m beginning to lose sight of me. Dinner invitations, running errands, footing the bill, taking on additional work, being emotionally supportive…it’s all there and it’s starting to weigh me down. In the midst of “yes yes yes”, my friendships, relationships and personal boundaries have begun to grow hazy. Today, I am clearing my plate and rebuilding my boundaries with the help of the following 5 tips:”

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Stop Saying You're Fine

By The Everygirl

“‘I’m fine,’ I say, huffing indignantly. ‘Nothing’s wrong.’ And then I’ll probably be silently sad or angry for the next few hours or so.

Sound familiar? Pretending everything’s fine and dandy appears to be a common trait in women, so much so that the world seems to have turned it into something of a joke. Article after article cheekily translate what women say into what they really mean. Even BuzzFeed made a video about it.

These jokes may be funny because there’s some obvious truth to them, but I think it really begs the question: Why don’t women just say what they really want to say?”

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