3 Tips For Getting Hired For Your Dream Job

by Sarah Akiyama

Applying for your dream job can be intimidating and exciting at the same time. Here are three articles full of tips to help you land the perfect gig!

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14 Resume Tips and Tricks From an Expert

By Man Repeller

"Raise your hand if updating your resume is high on your to-do list. Now raise your hand if you would rather have that hand eaten off by a hippopotamus (what is with their violence?!) so that you have an excuse to work on your resume another day. Yea. I get that. Literally no one likes doing this. That’s because it feels overwhelming. But it shouldn’t be. We consulted the help of a woman who does this for a living. Her name is Rose Keating, and together, we’re going to get you through this."

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How Your Outfit Affects Your Success

By Zanita

"Before the Zanita x Tictail event, the Zanita Studio team had the pleasure of running into Mattias Swenson, co-founder of Bloglovin’, and yes, I had a bit of an entrepreneurial fan girl moment but instead of asking a ton of questions, I asked none and just listened. Mind you, the atmosphere was very dark and very loud so I didn’t quite hear everything Mattias said, but I heard enough to be inspired to write an entire article about it. He spoke about when he was applying for a certain role, he and one other person wore a suit. The competition was stiff and there were a ton of applicants hungry for the same opportunity and guess who were the only two to make it? The two in suits."

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3 Ways To Be Confident For Any Job Interview

By MyDomaine

"Interviews can be terrifying, especially if you really, really want the job. When I had my preliminary phone interview for the lifestyle editor role at MyDomaine, I almost made myself sick with nerves—true story. Even if you're stomach is in knots and your hands are super clammy, you have to find the inner strength and conjure your confidence before you go in."

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