13 Things You Should Do In June

By Janina Reindl

Photo via Mexiquer

Summer is finally approaching and the question is how to get the most out of this time of the year. To help you a little, and take it step by step we collected 13 things that are on our June bucket list. Feel inspired. 

1. Go on a road trip with your best friend

Grab your best friend and your car (we prefer our vw bulli) and go on a road trip together. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of time or just a weekend. It's a great experience to explore places that are close to where you live, but you haven't been there before. 

2. Pick fresh strawberries from a field

If you never picked strawberries yourself it's time to change this fact. There are farms everywhere to do this. Eating a strawberry straight from the plant is nothing compared to the strawberries you buy at supermarkets. And if we already picked them, we don't mind trying a new recipe.

These are our favorites lately

3. Have a garden-brunch-party with your girls crew

The perfect thing to do on a warm sunday? Have a brunch-party in your garden. Just invite your girls, prepare a lot of food (fruits, veggies, granola, homemade bread, pancakes, couscous salad, champagne,...)

You can find some great ideas how to decorate the table on Gravity

4. Go for a morning run

Definitely one of the best ways to start you day is to go on a morning run. What a great feeling to move your body while everyone else is still sleeping! Warm up with the sun slowly rising and breathe the fresh air. If you never overcame your laziness to stay in your warm bed before, do it! It's so worth it.

5. Treat yourself to a huge flower bouquet

No one is surprising with with flowers lately? Stop waiting for it and buy yourself a beautiful bouquet on the farmers market. Place them on your dining table or workspace to make yourself happy. 

6. Go hiking for a whole day

Hiking is the perfect activity to calm down our busy minds. Doesn't that sound like a dream? Forget about your to-do list, grab a friend, a backpack and a map and start walking. And then just enjoy talking to your hiking buddy and embrace the nature around you.

7. Discover a new coffee shop

Who likes coffee shops? Hands up. We agree, a coffee shop is the perfect place to study or work, to hang out with friends or to just grab your cappuccino on the go. No wonder we put it on our bucket list to discover a new coffee shop.

If you're lucky and live in one of those cities, here are our favorite coffee shops

8. Try a new ice-cream flavor

The perfect month of the year to have ice-cream? Definitely June! Our favorite flavors lately? Organic rhubarb and lemon-basil.

9. Read at least one book

Reading is one of the things we enjoy doing but still never spend enough time actually doing it. That's why we set is as our goal to read at least one book in June.

Don't know what to read? You can find a list with books that will make you obsessed on Refinery29

10. Visit a farmers market to buy loads of veggies

The perfect thing to do on a sunny Saturday morning? Take a bast bag and stroll over the farmers market. Buy fresh veggies, seasonal fruit, grab a coffee and croissant, enjoy the busy yet relaxed atmosphere and get inspired for new recipes. 

Find out what to put on your shopping list this season on SayYes

11. Make a swing for your home

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a swing in your apartment? The only thing you need to make one is a plank with four holes in it and a thick rope. And if you prefer it more creative you can have a look at DailyDreamDecor's post to get more ideas. 

12. Take the bike instead of the car

There are numerous reasons why you should leave the car at home and take your bike instead. To mention a few, it's good for the environment, even better for your bikini body and will help you be less stressed about the traffic.

13. Visit a new city

What about a spontaneous trip to explore a city you've never been to before? Here are some guides to places we like.

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