37 Healthy Habits To Adopt Today

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to incorporate healthy habits into your everyday life. These are 37 of them to adopt today!

15 Habits Of Healthy Women

By The Everygirl

“We follow them on instagram; we see them in our workout classes every. single. week; and we rack our brains to figure out how the heck they never have a pimple.

You know who the ‘they’ I’m talking about are...the ‘healthy’ girls. The girls who make 5-day juice cleanses look easy and sugar cravings seem non-existent. The ones who don’t hit snooze and leave Soul Cycle looking better than when they walked in. The girls who beg the question “how does she do it?”

We’ve all asked ourselves that question at some point or another—beating ourselves up trying to find ways to get back on track after a boozy brunch or having a few too many cookies. We tend to look for a quick fix to get healthy. I don’t want to disappoint you, but there’s no magic potion for a healthy lifestyle. Wouldn’t that just be too easy? However, there are some easy to implement habits that all healthy girls practice to make sure they’re feeling energized, fit, and fabulous. Here are 15 sure fire ways to get on track and stay there:”

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8 Healthy Habits That Are Cheaper Than Your Morning Latte

By The Chalkboard Mag

“YES, WE CAN achieve optimal health with the help of thirty dollar smoothies and celeb-level trainers, but the truth is if you’re not already using some of the dirt cheap health tips below, you’re really missing out. Being healthy on a budget isn’t just possible, it’s easy! In our opinion, there will never be a superfood that outweighs the mighty lemon and – if they’re not already growing on an accessible tree – a produce department lemon will put you back a good fifty cents.

We’re dedicating this story to all the college freshman out there! Here are seven of our best tips for living healthy on a budget. Make a habit out of one, two or all of them to truly improve your health…”

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14 Healthy Habits Of Abundantly Happy People

By Rachel Gadiel

“When I first quit my job to start my freelancing business I had no idea how challenging the road ahead of me would be.

Sure, I had heard and read many things about how hard it was to have your own business and work for yourself, but there's nothing like experiencing it first-hand!

Thing is, to be successful - as well as abundantly happy, you need to be in it for the long haul. To stay on your game you need to begin cultivating healthy habits now, that are going to support you along your journey.

I’ve rounded up the top 14 healthy habits that every successful person must cultivate to begin manifesting your dream life.”

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