5 Reasons You Should Declutter Your Home

Now that spring is here, it's time to kickstart your spring clean by clearing out all of the excess junk. We've rounded up five reasons you should seriously consider decluttering your home now.

1. Beautiful Home

"The first step to a beautiful home is having a clean home. We've all been into beautiful homes that aren't picked up. When the house isn't picked up, it doesn't matter how nice it is. 

When you learn to take a different approach toward your belongings, you realize that you actually need much less than you've always thought. Having a beautiful home doesn't happen when you can finally afford the perfect apartment or house that is much larger than your current one. Having a beautiful home starts today with making the best of what you have and saying goodbye to what you don't need."

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2. Boosted Happiness

"When our home is a space we feel comfortable and content in, free of clutter and unwanted stuff, our mental wellbeing can dramatically improve. Being mindful of our home environment helps boost our happiness. After decluttering your home you’re likely to experience positive influences on your mental and physical wellbeing. You’re likely to feel more creative and productive in a clutter-free environment; you’ll be able to focus clearly with clarity and focus, and diminish any mood swings you may have experienced previously. Our environment plays a huge role in how we feel each day, decluttering our homes is hugely beneficial for our overall happiness."

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3. Save Money

"Not only do you not have to run out and buy new things all the time, but you're going to be a lot more careful about the things you do bring into your home. [...] Because my home isn't cluttering everything up, I'm able to find the time to save money in other ways: by keeping up with budgeting, clipping coupons for grocery shopping, planning way ahead for things like Christmas and birthdays, and simply paying bills and turning in library books on time so I avoid late fees."

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4. More Time & Energy

"The best part about owning less stuff is that you free up more time to do things that matter to you! When you don’t have to spend extra time cleaning and organizing, you gain time to spend with family and friends. You gain time and energy for hobbies and fun stuff! I’m not saying that we should all strive to own as little as possible. I just think that we all own far more than we need or even use. I try really hard to not let extra stuff into our home, and I still am finding so much that I can get rid of. If we let go of those extras, we make more room in our lives for what matters."

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5. A Safer Home

"One good reason to get started is that a clutter-free home is safer. Less junk lying around means less fire risk and less chance of someone tripping and falling. It’s also easier to clean an uncluttered space, which cuts down on germs, insects, and generally unpleasant living conditions."

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