5 Steps To A Stress Free Morning

By Natasha Alexandrou 

For most of us mornings are anything but relaxing. We live busy lives with hectic schedules that rarely leave us enough time to ourselves. That being said, mornings shouldn't be a stressful experience. After all, a calm and peaceful morning immediately put us in the right mind frame for the day ahead. Start the day off right with these 5 simple steps that will almost guarantee a positive and productive day.

Image via Park And Cube 

1. Wake Up Early

How To Wake Up Early And Still Feel Incredible

by Career Girl Daily 

"Is it possible to wake up with your alarm at the crack of dawn and not feel like you want to put the pillow over your head and knock yourself out to get a few more hours asleep? We think it is if you follow a specific routine and look after yourself properly."

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2. Meditate

9 Ways To Meditate That Don't Just Involve Sitting There

by Byrdie 

In reality, there are countless ways to meditate that don't require complete stillness—many of which have been in practice for thousands of years. But the ultimate lesson here is that "meditation" can mean whatever you'd like it to. If running seven miles gives you a better perspective on something going on in your life, do it. If having a good cry feels cathartic to you and clears your mind, do it. And if the ability to sit still for several minutes at a time is still your ultimate goal, that's fine too."

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3. Pamper Yourself

All About My Hair, Make Up And Well Being Routine

by Un-fancy 

"To me, beauty begins with what you feed your body mind. What you put on the outside simply smooths it out and gives it a graceful polish.I take the natural and organic route when it works for me, but I also use plenty of conventional products too. I pick my battles and I’m not obsessive about any one thing — you never know when you’ll learn something new and it’ll change your outlook."

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4. Plan Your Outfits

20 Minimalist Looks For When You Don't Know What To Wear

By Bloglovin' Fashion

We all get those days when we just don't know what to wear. Save yourself the fuss and opt for a chic minimalistic look, which also happens to require very little effort. Take inspiration from these bloggers who show us how it's done. 

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5. Have A Healthy Breakfast

13 Healthy Make Ahead Breakfasts

by Cookie And Kate

"Who here eats breakfast every morning? I do! It’s really not an option for me. I’ll turn into a shaking, starving, mumbling mess a few hours into the day if I skip it. Since my breakfast is mandatory, I’ve found quite a few staple grab-and-go breakfasts over the years. I’ve learned that breakfast “sweets” are not all created equally. Simple carbohydrates like all-purpose flour pancakes and pastries give me the shakes. Whole grains like oats keep me going for hours, especially when combined with nuts (or nut butter), yogurt and/or eggs"

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