Bloggers: 5 Ways to Make The Most of Bloglovin’

For many lifestyle bloggers, Bloglovin' is one of the biggest sources for new and recurring visitors. We've had a look at thousands of bloggers, and here are some of the best practices for increasing your engagement, and growing your followers faster on Bloglovin'. Also be sure to check out Bloglovin' Academy for more helpful practices and advice!

1. Write Great Headlines

One of the best (and first) things you can do to increase clicks to your post is to create engaging headlines that draw in readers. Your headline is the forefront to your post, and therefore the first thing readers will see when scrolling by. You could create the absolute best blog post in the world, but not get any views if your headline doesn't fit the part. Your headline should answer two big questions for readers: "what is the post about?" and more importantly, "how does this benefit me?" 

Here are some headline strategies that work:

  • Starting with "how to" / How to Grow Your Followers Faster
  • Starting with a number / 4 Recipes You Need to Try
  • Caps for emphasis / DON'T Read This Post
  • Talking to your reader directly / You Need to See This
  • Asking a question / Are You Doing This? 
  • Positive and negative superlatives
    • Positives: best, greatest, do / The Best Meal You'll Ever Eat
    • Negatives: worst, least, don't / Don't Travel Without These 5 Essentials

Here are some examples of effective headlines:

  • The Key to Living a Happier Life
  • 4 Ways To Wake Up With Perfect Hair
  • The Minimal Wardrobe: Developing Personal Style
  • One Simple Thing Anyone Can Do to Have a Better Day
  • 50 Books Everyone Should Read

2. Use Bloglovin' Widgets

A great way to increase your presence on Bloglovin' is to install widgets on your blog. Stats show that blogs with a prominent widget on their site drive up to 10X more clicks, and gain followers up to 3X faster, than those without. More followers = more readers = more engagement = a more active community. Sounds pretty great, right?

3. Images are Everything

Visuals are one of, if not the most important elements of a blog post. Aside from looking pretty, images set a tone for your post and help establish a stronger, more active connection with your reader. By breaking up text into more easily digestible bits, and giving readers a visual representation of what you're talking about, chances are, your post is going to be way more effective, and much more likely to stick.

Image placement also plays a big role in creating a blog post. Placing an image before or after your intro will start your post with less text, and less text (plus visuals) lets readers quickly decide, after reading your headline, whether they want to continue reading.

4. Claim Your Blog

By claiming your blog on Bloglovin', you gain access to analytics and insights that will help you monitor and optimize engagement; let readers know they're following the right Bloglovin' account; and even receive ongoing updates from the analytics dashboard about new followers, and how users are engaging with your content. 

5. Follow Blogs For Inspiration

With so many awesome active blogs on Bloglovin', it's hard to not be overwhelmed by the seemingly endless amount inspiration offered. By having all of your favorite blogs in one place, it's easier than ever to be inspired, and to devise new and unique ways to revamp your own content. Whether you're obsessed with a fashion blogger's Fall wardrobe, or mesmerized by a beauty blogger's minimalistic beauty regimen, there's always new and exciting content to fuel your creativity. 

Check out Bloglovin' Academy for more great advice

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