7 Articles That Will Make You a Happier Person

Stress. Anxiety. Fear. All triggers that can spiral our minds into a seemingly bottomless pit of distress, especially among all of the chaos portrayed around the world. By forming good habits, and learning how to change your thought process and perception of situations, you will be able to overcome day-to-day stressors that can leave you feeling anything less than happy. Take a look at these seven articles, all of which will help you enhance your current state of mind, and build a strong mental foundation that you can grow from every day.

How To: Happiness And Gratitude

By Live the Process

"Most people want to be happy. Happiness is a fundamental human desire, after all. Especially in the USA, we literally think of happiness as our third inalienable right—after life and liberty. Not only do we all want it, but we think that we should have it. But, if happiness is so important, why do we seem to be so miserable at being happy?"

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How to Be Driven, Satisfied and Happy, All at the Same Time

By Inc.

"It's enshrined in our business wisdom of the last few years: Continuous improvement. Agile. Kanban. Deliver something new and different, preferably every two weeks. Wherever we are at any given moment, we should always on our way to someplace better."

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How To 'Think Happy'

By Beth Norton

"Following the success of last week’s productivity post (have a look here here if you missed it), I thought I’d centre another article around wellbeing. I’ll never be an agony aunt and I’ll definitely never make it as a life coach but I’ve got this space to write and to share and judging by my through-the-roof-stats lately (always a very pleasant surprise), you quite enjoyed a more personal lifestyle post. I’m no expert but I’d like to think we can all learn from each other, having experienced different things and our own ways of dealing with them."

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How To Be Happy (For Real)

By DellaBellaBlog

"Like so many other blog posts and YouTube videos I've seen on the topic I could tell you that the key to happiness is in the smell of a new mac lipstick, a Diptique candle and a Lush bath bomb. Although, if I did that, all you'd get is a list of things that make me "happy", not things that are actually conducive to happiness in general. Today I'll be letting you in on some trade secrets and showing you how you can achieve actual happiness (without buying a thing!)"

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How I Took Back Control of My Happiness and My Life

By Project Inspo

"In the last two years, I have been through many up moments, down moments, and moments in between. And the only time I look back is to see how far I’ve come. Having more faith than fear, choosing to be grateful, and taking responsibility for my own happiness – were key to giving me the strength to take back control of my happiness and my life – after years of grieving over the loss of my father, dissatisfaction in my career, relationship and overall life. So I put together a few thoughts to share with you five things that I did to do just that."

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7 Habits Preventing You From Manifesting Happiness How To Fix Them

By Mind Body Green

"After years of being unhappy at work and even more miserable after losing my job, combining positive thinking and positive action was what finally helped me move forward. I had to take action to replace bad habits with good ones and ultimately find a greater sense of purpose. You can do this, too."

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Learning How to Be Happy in the Midst of Pain

By Allison Vesterfelt

"Because happiness is a state of mind or state of being, I am the only one who can generate happiness for myself. And I cannot be in charge of generating it for others. No circumstance, person, situation, opportunity, or amount of money can be in charge of my happiness and I cannot take on the impossible task of making another person happy."

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