8 Bloggers Share Their Secrets for Seriously Glowing Skin

We all want radiant skin, and with so many products on the market, sifting through the seemingly endless number of "perfect skin" claims can be frustrating. Before you know it, your credit card is maxed out, and your beauty cabinet is literally overflowing with products. To alleviate some of your beauty product woes, we rounded up a few posts from bloggers who are somehow constantly glowing. Check out their secrets below!

Healthy Glow Makeup

By Beauty Blogmark

"I’ve been really into that natural-looking, dewy complexion at the moment because my skin just looks rather dull and dry these days. In order to get that lit from within glow, I’ve been using the following three products which make it a whole lot easier to achieve the much-coveted natural, luminescent skin look. So get ready to ditch the heavy foundation in favor of these products…"

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Getting the Holiday Glow

By The Chriselle Factor

"When I think of the holidays I immediately think of all the gorgeous holiday ads in magazines. The models always have glowy skin and the cutest holiday outfits. As glamorous as the ads make the season look, winter can actually be pretty brutal on your skin. I consider myself a skincare junkie, so I’m always playing with new brands and products. Recently I’ve started using RèVive Skincare to prolong my healthy glow throughout the dry Winter months.  I thought this line was so unique because the founder is a Harvard trained plastic surgeon! He noticed that a lot of his patients that were coming in for procedures really just needed to rejuvenate dull, lackluster skin but there was no surgical procedure that could do this. So he combined his research to create a skincare line that uses bio-engineered molecules to rejuvenate healthy skin. These molecules dramatically reduce signs of aging and promote healthy hydrated skin.. how amazing! Can I just get the molecule in a bottle?"

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Step by Step Guide on How I Did This Super Glow For Contributer Magazine

By Marie & The Makeup

"Hi dearlings. Like I promised, here’s the product’s I used to make this oh-so-yummy glow, for our beauty story for Contributer Magazine."

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My 10 Minute Beauty Routine for Glowing Skin

By Front Roe

"Let’s talk beauty. There are so many products and spa treatments out there, it’s hard to know where to start when developing a skincare routine that works for you. I’m in my early thirties, and suddenly this year, became aware that I should be adding anti-aging products to my skincare regime. Living in LA and often filming outside, I’m a lot more conscious of protecting my face from getting wrinkles and sun damage. Pollution, stress, you name it… there are so many factors that make it tricky to keep my skin staying fresh and vibrant. Plus, with my job, I am traveling so much – the constant change of climate, jet-lag and dry airplane cabins play havoc on my skin. I notice more fine lines and dryness when I’m on the road this much (around 2 planes a week!), so I need to pay extra attention to my skin."

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Winter Glow: My Highlighter Picks

By Jasmine Talks Beauty

"If there’s one thing I love it’s highlighting. There’s just something so pretty about highlighter in the pan and I love adding a bit of luminosity to my skin. Winter is no different for me! The main difference is that I don’t go for as deep bronze shades or as dewy of a finish as I would in summer, and I tend to go for powder over cream formulations. These are my top picks for adding some glow during the colder months."

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8 Steps to Glowing Skin

By Camille Styles

"Usually, fall beauty trends are all about smoky eyes, contoured cheekbones, wine-tinged lips (or all of the above.) But this season, the focus is on fresh, glowing skin — a dewiness that comes from being healthy and taking care of yourself from the inside-out, and using makeup to reveal the best version of yourself instead of covering up “imperfections.” Who wouldn’t want that kind of luminosity year round, and while I try to radiate good health, we all have days where we need a little extra help getting our glow on."

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How I *Kind of* Got That Victoria's Secret Angel Glow

By The Coveteur

"Being backstage at the Victoria’s Secret show is an intimidating experience for anyone other than waify supermodels...precisely because of the waify supermodels wandering around in nothing but rollers, matching satin robes and ubiquitous designer cross-bodies. Nothing like an hour of pushing a recorder in the faces of Adriana Lima, Taylor Hill and Sara Sampaio, asking them about the hours of exercise they complete and whether they’re vegan or gluten-free to knock your self-esteem down a few notches. Forget New Year's Eve—this is the actual annual event where I make all and any health and beauty related resolutions. Seeing that many spray-tanned six-packs will do that to a sun-deprived, would-rather-Netflix-than-SLT editor."

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How to Fake That Glow… in the Middle of Winter

By Harper & Harley

"If you’re one of the (what feels like) few that haven’t jetted off to the northern hemisphere to escape the Australian winter, then by now I’m sure you’re really feeling the affects on your skin."

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Check out a few products these bloggers can't get enough of:


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