8 Ways To Turn Clutter Into Stylish Decor

By Cleshawn Montague

1) Use Shopping Bags For Storage

It pains me to throw away good quality bags, especially when they are beautifully designed. Instead of tossing them, put them on display and stuff them full of whatever materials you don’t want anyone to see. 

Image found via Decoholic / Follow this blog on Bloglovin’
Image found via Alvhem / Follow this blog on Bloglovin’

2. Display Poster Tubes

If you have some poster tubes left over from prints that you’ve purchased, definitely keep them to display. Group the poster tubes in varying sizes either on a shelf or in a big vase on a tabletop. You can always add in wrapping paper and rolled poster prints for added interest. 

Image via Coco Lapine Design / Follow this blog on Bloglovin’
Image via Ode to Things

3. Reuse Empty Candle Jars

You can find amazing candles with lovely scents and packaging almost anywhere you shop. If you’re like me, you have a few (almost) empty jars hanging around. Don’t throw them away, instead use the containers to store anything from makeup brushes to plants.

Image via Trendenser / Follow this blog on Bloglovin’
Image via Yesterday's Sweetheart / Follow this blog on Bloglovin’

4. Frame Dried Flowers & Feathers

I absolutely love fresh flowers but I dread buying them because of their short shelf life. I was so happy to come across this idea of framing them once they’re dried. It’s a nice way of bringing the outside in and making use of a throwaway gift. If you don’t want to spend money on frames, just tape the flowers/feathers to the wall or clip them to a moodboard. 

Image via Chapter Friday / Follow this blog on Bloglovin’
Image via Frøken Overspringshandling / Follow this blog on Bloglovin’

5. Flip Books Around

I’ve been seeing this around the blogosphere. I think this is great to do when you have loads of old books that you don’t read often or ones that are headed to the charity shop. Just turn the spines around and have the books face the wall or face each other (if using multiple piles). You can stack the books on the floor or a bookshelf.

Image via Coco Lapine Design / Follow this blog on Bloglovin’
Image via Coco Lapine Design / Follow this blog on Bloglovin’

6. Turn Canvas Around

Flip around an old painting and turn it into a moodboard or as part of a vignette. This will add lots of character, especially if your furnishings are mostly new. This works with empty frames too!

Image via Pella Hedeby
Image via Pella Hedeby

7. Tear Pictures From Magazines

This is the oldest trick in the book! Magazines have some of the best photos out there. So instead of buying a photographic print, tear one out of a magazine. Try to be really careful when ripping it out so that you can have a nice, clean edge. You can tape these images to a wall or frame them with picture frames. 

Image via Piccsy
Image via Decor8 / Follow this blog on Bloglovin’

8.  Gather Fallen Branches

This tip can be a post on its own as there are so many different ways to use old branches. However, the quickest/easiest/cheapest way is to just display them in a glass vase on a tabletop…chic and simple!

Image via Coco Lapine Design / Follow this blog on Bloglovin’

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