Fashion Spotlight: Egg Canvas

We met up with the insanely sweet Erica Choi of Egg Canvas for a quick chat and stroll out and about the West Village. Erica spills the details of her creative process, her blogging journey, and even her awesome experience as Digital Art Director at Barneys! 

What’s your blogging story? How did you start and what has your journey been?

My blog is fairly new, I started it last July. I’ve always had an online journal however, even before my parents bought me my first domain as a Christmas present when I was 13. I was an active user of Xanga and Geocities back in the day. They served as platforms to take in my ramblings as well as experiment with web design. It’s really interesting to see how far it’s all come. I took a break from “blogging” in college as I seemingly had less to rant about, and became more active in the visual documentation space such as Flickr to share stories with others. Throughout school though and after graduation, I used photography as a creative outlet when I needed a break from designing. This was when Instagram came into being as well, which really evolved into such a powerful platform to share information and inspiration with others with the same interests. My husband (who is also a creative director / graphic designer) and I also take photos when out and about in the city, as well as on our travels, so creating a blog just seemed like a viable next step. I wanted a space to post all the imagery that we were taking, but also a way to enhance my story beyond my Instagram feed.

What sparked your interest in fashion and design?

I was always interested in fashion and design - I naturally gravitate towards things that are aesthetically pleasing, whether it be objects, spaces, or gourmet. Design is something that grew out of my love for the internet and just being so involved in it from a young age. I also went to art school to study graphic design. Fashion is something that really brings joy into my life - the way people dress and express themselves in this way is something that is so interesting and empowering to me - something that you have complete control over and conveys a message, no words necessary. There’s nothing else like it.

How would you describe your style? Who are some of your biggest influences?

I like to call it “impactful simplicity.” I gravitate towards simple, minimal pieces, yet always need that extra something. Unexpected cuts, shapes, and patterns I find really alluring. Designers who are able to achieve this always make me wonder what they are going to do next: Phoebe Philo of Céline, Stella McCartney, Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy, Hedi Slimane of Saint Laurent, Jonny Johansson of Acne Studios, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne of Public School, Nicolas Ghesquière of Louis Vuitton. I also believe in the perfect pairing of accessories to what you are actually wearing. Bags, shoes, hats, and jewelry have the power to completely change an outfit.

How would you describe your experience as Digital Art Director at Barneys?

Barneys has always been an inspiration and have always believed that it is first class in everything they stand for. When I joined Barneys, that belief did not change - instead, my love for the company grows more each and every day. The teams are small so it gives me a very hands on approach to finding solutions for our digital properties. Working with the team to redesign the new,, and has been an extremely rewarding process. Every day is a busy one, but very much worth it. There’s nothing like being a part of a team that is very passionate about their craft as well as care for the people they work with.

What are your five go-to fashion pieces?

Leather jacket, ankle boots, mini crossbody bag, felt or straw hat (depending on the season), and oversized sunglasses.

Favorite beauty products?

If I have nothing else on my face, I do need my Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil and Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er Precision Pen. I cannot live without a winged cateye! I am pretty loyal to my favorite beauty brands - Chanel, YSL Beauty, Hourglass, Koh Gen Do, and Oribe. I’ve also been falling head over heels with K-beauty lately - going back to my roots with Dr.Jart, Too Cool For School, Amore Pacific, and Chosungah 22. I apply a Dr. Jart Sheet Face Mask at least twice a week and it does wonders. I don’t leave the house without a Byredo fragrance - it’s like aroma therapy. My favorites are Mojave Ghost, Blanche, La Tulipe, and Bal D'Afrique. The new Westbrook collaboration fragrance is also heavenly.

How do you shoot and edit your images so perfectly? Any style advice or favorite apps and filters?

Aw thank you! They are far from perfect, but I think it is very rewarding to see your photography skills grow and the imagery you create translate closer and closer to the story or message you are trying to portray. I really believe in the theory of “practice makes perfect”, and the more you do of anything, the better you will become. Even editing is a major factor in creating that perfect image, and you must play around with the filter and the tools to achieve the look you desire. I mainly use VSCO and Snapseed on my iPhone, and Lightroom for my DSLR blog photos.

Are there any big up and coming trends that you’ve noticed?

Birds eye view will always be in trend as it’s just so aesthetically pleasing, but I think sometimes plain coffee shots or the likes can get kind of redundant. I think playing around with composition or integrating elements of the environment such as showing some of the background/floor, or with other props make it more interesting. Interior spaces are also really great as I love decor and just seeing the vibes of a particular place. I think that allows people to really get a sense of a time and place.

Take us through a normal day from start to finish!

Unless I’m on vacation or out exploring on the weekends, it’s probably not all that exciting to others! Like most creatives, I’m a night owl, and definitely not a morning person. I’ve been trying to change that and be more productive in the mornings, but it is very hard (haha). On most days, I wake up, shower, get ready, eat a quick breakfast with my coffee, and run out the door. I take a quick selfie in my floor length mirror if my outfit is a bit interesting that day (usually it’s an iteration of an all black something). My days at work is full of meetings and designing. After work I usually have meetings regarding Egg Canvas or dinner with my husband or with friends.

We are obsessed with your work, what’s your usual creative process?

Thank you! It really differs depending on what the project is. Sometimes it’s “start it right away!” or sometimes I brainstorm and make lists of what I need to do. For photography projects, it’s usually planning what the location is going to be, what props I need, what outfit to wear, etc. Weather also plays a big factor whether it be setting up a flatlay, shooting an outfit shot somewhere in the city, or shooting a meal at my favorite restaurant. Everything needs careful planning and organization to some extent.

Any exciting projects in the works?

There are exciting projects going on all the time! I’m not sure I can tell you right now, but please keep updated on my blog and Instagram! I think apart from my design career, working on content creation in this way for so many incredible brands is so humbling and really gives me a way to really share a vision with them, as well as communicate to such a vast and engaged audience. It’s been an incredible journey so far and can’t imagine what is to come.

Any advice for those aspiring to work in the creative/fashion industry?

I say just invest yourself in it! Get as much experience as possible. I started by interning at various companies - it is invaluable how much you will learn from the environment as well as from the people you will meet. Research on your own and always be curious. You have to be the inspiration that people want to be inspired by.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I don’t have a lot of free time really, but if I did have a little bit - you would probably find me eating ice cream with my hubbie. :)

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