How Grounding Yourself Benefits Your Health

Grounding yourself is a practice to help you feel calm, hopeful, confident and safe. These articles will tell you all about it!

How To Ground Yourself When You’re Feeling Disconnected

By The Change Blog

“Though we may not hear about it often, depersonalization is estimated to be the third most common mental health symptom behind anxiety and depression. It often occurs in response to trauma, anxiety, or depression. But it doesn’t have to be such an intense form of dissociation. We can feel disconnected on smaller levels throughout the day.

Have you ever been in the shower and questioned whether you had already washed your hair or not? Have you ever spent the day so wrapped up in work that you forgot to eat? These are examples of when we get disconnected from the present moment by becoming too ‘up in our heads.’

I spent about a year dealing with debilitating depersonalization. Along the way, I learned wonderful strategies to help ground myself back into the present moment. Here are a few ways to reconnect when you’re feeling disconnected.”

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3 Grounding Practices For Rising Up And Standing Strong When Faced With Uncertainty

By Rachel Gadiel

“Uncertainty has been a big theme for me in 2016 and something I've struggled with a lot. Turns out that many of the challenges of moving overseas and being in a foreign country are all things completely out of my control.

As a 'planner' and someone who loves knowing exactly how each detail is going to pan out - leaning in to the unknown was scary, unfamiliar and felt like I was walking on shaking ground, struggling to somehow find my balance.

After much resistance and playing out my need for certainty through unhealthy habits that were not serving me, I knew I needed to step-up and work on strengthening my foundation.

When we're faced with uncertainty we have two options: we can either resist what is happening or we can choose to lean in and completely allow ourselves to surrender, placing our faith in love (or God or the Universe, or whatever you believe in).

These 3 practices are a wonderful way to get grounded and get back to you -”

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A Psychic's Action Plan For Staying Grounded (No Matter How Stressful Your Life Is)

By MindBodyGreen

“When people are grounded, they generally feel safe, confident, hopeful, and calm. As a psychic, it's especially important that I remain grounded in order to give my clients the best access to my intuition.

Times of transition, uncertainty, major losses, or crisis can all be triggers that make us feel uprooted. And the early stages of 2017 are making many people, especially the highly sensitive among us, feel shaken by global upheaval and turbulence. Here is some advice on staying grounded straight from the angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters I work with during my sessions with clients.”

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