How Social Media Can Benefit Your Career

By Rachel Silvestri

Social Media is everything these days. It's the easiest way to connect with others, so why not utilize it to benefit your career? These articles will help you skillfully use social media to land your next job. 

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How to Use Social Media to Score Your Next Job, Not Lose It

By My Domaine

"Considering a career change? Think of your social media accounts as the third metric in terms of job qualifications. First you have your cover letter, which shines a spotlight on why you would be perfect for the role. Then you have your résumé, which gives a bigger picture of your qualifications and outlines the story of your experience. But you also have your social media platforms. These precious digital archives don’t just tell hiring managers what you can do—they show them. What’s more, they reveal your social clout (i.e., influence) and give potential employers an idea of how you will be able to expand their reach. "

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How I Landed an Interview Using Social Media

By Career Contessa

"If you’ve already started the job search, you know how much it sucks. If you haven’t, I hate to burst your bubble sucks. Luckily, social media can make your search a little more convenient. With the right presence and enough effort, social media could help you land a job."

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The Power of a Hashtag: How Tweeting Could Land Your Dream Job

By Career Girl Daily

"Nowadays, virtually everyone you want to know can be found on Twitter. Social media has broken down traditional barriers, making access to recruiters and companies a lot easier than it may have been say, 20 years ago.

Today there are around 320 million of us on Twitter. I know it’s hard to see that number and fully grasp how many people that is, so imagine the total number of people who would make up 40 New York cities. That’s the reach of the social network we’re talking about. So, how you narrow your search is extremely important. Enter, the power of a hashtag."

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