How To Boost Your Confidence In 60 Seconds

Building confidence takes time, but don’t overlook the potential of just a few seconds. These quick fixes will boost your confidence in a minute’s time!

The 60-Second Rule That Will Instantly Make You More Confident

By Career Girl Daily

“Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud. Or so the quote goes. But it’s often easier said than done to embrace confidence and walk into a room with your head held high. My confidence has grown massively in the past few years thanks to all the terrifying things I’ve thrown myself into. Walking into rooms where I don’t know anybody, doing speeches for a full room. It’s scary at first, but it really helps you grow.

But how do you push yourself to build your confidence? It can be so easy to stay in our comfort zone, I swear by this sixty-second trick to network and build my self-confidence.”

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The One-Minute Trick To Boost Your Confidence

By Verily Magazine

“Think back to the last time you were in a stressful situation or faced with a difficult decision. Did you give yourself a mental pep talk, or did discouraging thoughts take over?

Too often, we berate ourselves for not being pretty enough, smart enough, strong enough. Our inner thoughts play host to all sorts of negativity—which is exactly the opposite of what we need to show that we are pretty/smart/strong or whatever we want to be channeling. It may sound hokey, but there is an easy way to boost your confidence when it’s flagging: affirmations.

Affirmations are when you talk to yourself with positive phrases, like ‘I am lovable.’ They often get a bad rap—Who really wants to stare into a mirror and talk to themselves?—but research shows that they are effective at giving you an internal boost. Acknowledging our good qualities is crucial to building confidence, resilience, and well-being. Here’s what you need to know.”

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How To Feel More Confident In 60 Seconds

By Coveteur

“‘Be like Beyoncé. Be like Beyoncé.’

It’s the affirmation we recite to ourselves in the mirror every single morning. Aside from her enviable everything, it’s her confidence that’s just so damn out of this world. We mean, who else can go from dancing onstage in ass-less caged bodysuits to singing for the president in the same week?

Truth is, sometimes we all need a little extra inspiration to get up in front of hordes of people (and we’d like to think that Beyoncé is no different, because ‘they’re just like us,’ right?). So, to give our confidence a little boost and help us get noticed in, let’s say, a job interview or while giving a toast, we went straight to five-time Emmy-nominated TV producer (you know, of Veep, Eastbound & Down, and Banshee) Stephanie Laing, and our (by now household) career-advice pro and founder of Talentedly, Lydia Loizides. This is the sort of advice that will blow your self-consciousness to smithereens in under a minute.”

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