How To Clean Your Closet In Less Than 30 Minutes

Cleaning your closet can be a tedious process, but the refreshing feeling afterwards is definitely worth it. Doing so is also great way to become aware of your shopping patterns – you might even be disgusted by the amount of clothes you own and don't even use, which hopefully results in thinking more than twice next time you're getting new stuff. Here is a little guide you can follow next time you're giving your wardrobe a well needed detox:

OK: 6 steps, 5 minutes each. Here we go!

1. SHOES - Got them on sale? Been over 6 months? Outside your style comfort zone and a no-longer-hot trend? A tad too big/small? Haven't worn them yet? You probably never will. 

2. DENIM/BOTTOMS - Do they make you feel uncomfortable? Do you feel like wearing them this very instant? No? Bye bye! 

3. DAMAGED/DIRTY PIECES - Anything that needs to be fixed should either be put in a bag and be fixed within 7 days, or you're simply not interested. Ciao! 

4. UNDERWEAR/SOCKS - Get rid of everything that has holes in them, permanent stains or anything that lost its colour. Deformed underwear aren't really keepers either. 

5. MULTIPLES - If you have the same piece in many variations, have a reality check and only keep the ones you tend to wear the most. 

6. GENERAL - If you can't imagine any event where you'd wear a certain piece within the next year - get rid of it. If you never wore it and owned it for a bunch of months, chances are you'll never feel like it.

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(P.S. The environment suffers majorly from overconsumption, and although there are trends all over the place we'd like to try, having a personal style that doesn't include all of them is healthy. Never throw clothes away – be sure to put them in a place where they might be recycled or used by somebody else.)

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