How To Conquer Your Fears

What kind of life do you think you would be living if you weren’t afraid? The only way to know for sure is to find out. These articles will help you out by teaching you how to conquer your fears!

How You Can Become Fearless In Everything You Do

By Zanita

“One of the biggest components of living and leading a successful life is being fearless in the pursuit. But life is ironic in that we always want to create fantastic things and brew big dreams yet we’re often too fearful to bring it to reality. And the more substantial we want to make it, the more we wager fear against security. Have you ever thought about where your bets are going? Are you risking happiness and fulfillment for the sake of convenience? Time to forgo the aversion and become fearless in everything you do – make good things happen.”

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9 Easy Steps For Overcoming Your Fears

By MyDomaine

“There's a scene in Steven Spielberg’s Hook where Robin Williams's character, a 40-something Peter Pan, can’t eat a thing in Neverland because he can’t see the food. In Neverland, food is invisible unless you have the right mindset. The Lost Boys teach him to let go of his grown-up hangups so he can enjoy what’s in front of him: a buffet poised for a food fight only a '90s family film could deliver. When he finally sees the light (i.e. turkey legs), the gang yells ‘Bangarang!’

The day I started working with a clairvoyant transformational coach felt like one of those moments. I became conscious of blind spots and emotional blocks that were significantly tripping me up in both my professional and personal lives. One thing I have consistently come back to is the idea moving past fear.

We’ve all encountered a wide variety of fears. Some are paralyzing (fear of commitment, gluten), and others are just plain uncomfortable (asking for the whole can of soda on an airplane). All these angst and pains bear the same family crest. They thrive, bent on the same mission: holding you back. I sought out an expert on overcoming the intangible forces that sometimes drive us: clairvoyant transformational coach Christina Carlin. Carlin has plenty of tools in her toolbox for replacing negative beliefs and becoming your best self.

Here are her top hacks for getting over fear and tapping into the brave spiritual gangster we all have inside.”

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Overcoming Fear In 8 Steps

By The Huffington Post

“Fear is felt in many forms. We may have a fear of flying, a fear of commitment, a fear of the unknown, or at times, all of the above. By definition, ‘fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined…’ Fear is such a powerful emotion that it can simply override all other feelings, logic or priorities. And no matter how strong or courageous or defiant we are, inevitable circumstances can entangle us in a web of our own fears.

In essence, fear is an illusion inexistent in the physical world — it is neither tangible nor visible. But it exists in our minds and manifests through our actions. We therefore bring fear to life, many times without need. I’ve seen plenty of clients who were so afraid of losing their marriage that they couldn’t see there was nothing wrong with it to begin with. But they needed to validate their irrational fears and did so by exaggerating already-existing issues in their relationship. In their case, their fears ignited needless doubts, false conclusions and empty arguments with their partner. They began to cause external problems driven by internal fears. Then, their marriage really did begin to display the issues they had feared all along. Similarly, when our actions are founded in fear, we almost always make poor decisions which can have undesired consequences on us and others. Fear leads us to act out of desperation, frustration and anger.

But fear also plays a vital role in our lives. We would live with reckless abandon if we knew no notion of fear, performing all sorts of downright dangerous activities. The key is to distinguish between actions which induce a healthy acknowledgment of apprehension versus illogical triggers of fear which stifle our potential and limit our well-being.”

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