How To Find Time For Rest In Your Busy Schedule

We live in a time where being busy is so highly praised that resting almost feels like a sin. The truth is much different, to relax is in fact essential for your wellbeing. These articles will help you embrace the act!

Embracing Rest In A Culture Of Busy

By The Everygirl

“Since childhood, many of us have resented the idea of rest. Countless studies confirm that we are addicted to caffeine, obsessed with finding the newest and next, and are consumed with an 'on-the-go lifestyle'. What was breaking news yesterday is old and forgotten today and those who can’t keep up with the revolving door are relegated to cultural inconsequence. This grueling pace worked just fine for many of us, all the way from elementary school naptime boycotts to college all-nighters, but as we emerge from our early twenties, a new reality sets in.

We can’t always go 100 miles an hour. Life has traffic jams. And just like in traffic, sometimes you can’t tell why you don’t seem to be going anywhere.

While there seems to be a continual conversation in the media about what can best be described as 'The State of the Hustle,' what hasn’t been adequately discussed is the fact that no matter how hard we try to stuff our schedules, we are not always busy. Ultimately, life throws us periods of downtime; we do have slow days when friends aren't calling, new projects are at a standstill, and new ideas are absent. To achievers used to focusing relentlessly on the next challenge, these times of less activity can come as a very unpleasant shock.”

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How To Embrace Rest When You Feel Like You Should Be Busy

By Anastasia Amour

“Today, we’re all perpetually busy – all the time. We’re constantly working, socialising and doing other things that it’s pretty rare where we find ourselves in a situation where we have nothing to do. And on the odd occasion that we do have a completely free schedule, we often guilt ourselves into feeling bad that we’re not doing something because we’re so conditioned to always being busy. Not cool!

I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely love a solid day of doing nothing but longing around. And yet whenever I have those days, I get impatient because I’m not doing something! I know I’m not alone in this, either. In a culture that rewards constant busyness as a sign of worthiness and success, a moment of doing nothing can feel like a moment of failure.

It’s like when we’re busy, we just wanna go back to bed and when we have time to lounge about, we want to be running around doing a million things – how insane is that.

But today, the battle with your brain stops! Here’s how to embrace rest when you feel like you should be busy:”

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The Benefits Of Taking Time Off

By Tamera Mowry

“The busier life gets, the more time seems to pass us by. We each work harder, spread ourselves thinner and focus on our own needs less and less. When career ambition and the daily grind consume our lives, it can put us in a state of unrest. That doesn’t mean that you don’t love every second of life as a partner, parent and employee, but it does mean that when you lose yourself, you can be robbed of your passion for life and feel misguided in your pursuits. That is why taking time off is one of the best things you can do for yourself (and really, those around you).

I greatly enjoy time off between projects. Steady work is always welcome, but by taking time off I allow myself to focus on what inspires me –time off replenishes my soul and makes me a better, happier wife, mother and actress at the end of the day. It also offers a great deal of other benefits.”

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