How To Have A More Relaxing Morning Routine

Rushing through your mornings might give you a few extra minutes in bed, but it does little for your peace of mind. If you want the beginning of each day to be something you enjoy, these articles are here to help you out. This is how to have a more relaxing morning routine:

8 Ways To Make Your Morning Routine More Relaxing

By PureWow

“Life is hectic and unpredictable, to say the least. And while you don’t always have control over the changes in your schedule throughout the day (don’t you just love being pulled into impromptu meetings at work?), the morning can be yours and yours alone. Here’s how to reclaim your a.m. routine so you always start the day off right.”

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7 Habits For A Mindful, Stress-Free Morning Routine

By MindBodyGreen

“If you consider yourself a member of the stressed-out crowd, it's time to rethink your mornings.

One of the best stress-management techniques I've discovered in both my personal life and coaching practice is changing what you do in the morning, before your day really begins. You’ll quickly notice that how you start you day plays a huge role in how the rest of the day will unfold.

For example, the snooze button is your worst enemy in these matters. It means you end up in a manic rush to get ready. And since you don't want to be late, you end up skipping breakfast, barreling out the door, and arriving at your destination hungry, cranky, and a hot mess. Needless to say, it’s downhill from there.”

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14 Ideas To Create A Soul-Nourishing Morning Routine

By The Huffington Post

“Which of these two scenarios do you relate to most?

Scenario One: Your mornings are spent relaxed, focused and thoughtful. You take time for a nourishing breakfast, some quiet reflection or exercise, and you start your day primed and ready for what ever it is you’ll be doing.

Scenario Two: Your mornings are... definitely not that. You’re lucky if you have more than a few minutes to shower, breakfast is on the run (or not at all), and you start your day rushing.

The first one sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It sounds like pure indulgence... imagine if your mornings were quiet, relaxed and thoughtful. Imagine starting your day feeling focused, energized, ready, and with a clear idea of what you want to accomplish.”

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