How To Increase Your Patience

Nothing will take you further in life than persistence. This is why patience makes for such a good trait. These articles will help you become more patient!

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How To Improve Your Patience: 7 Thoughts From The Last 500 Years

By The Positivity Blog

“One of the most helpful qualities a person can have if s/he wants to grow is to be patient. With patience and persistence you can overcome pretty much anything.

But why is it hard to be patient? How can you improve your patience? And how can patience help you out practically in life?

Here are seven timeless thoughts that may give you some answers to such questions.”

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3 Calming Ways To Increase Your Patience And Finally Learn To Relax

By Thought Catalog

“I’ve been embarrassingly impatient. I’ve yelled at customer service reps at Ikea for being too slow, etc. At the time, I was working my butt off and couldn’t enjoy the time I wasn’t working because I was so impatient and rude everywhere I went. I honked at cars, and cursed slow drivers on the road. I was miserable, and so were the people around me. They could just feel my impatience. It was that bad.

Recently, however, I went to the dentist and while I was checking in, the receptionist asked me how I was doing. I smiled, said good, grabbed a magazine, and sat down. Then I asked her how her day was going. She smiled at me and said I was the first person to come in all day who didn’t come in complaining about the traffic and impatiently asking if they were next.

So, what steps can you take to practice patience?

Here are a few things that worked for me:”

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How To Wait (For Anything) Well

By Darling Magazine

“It’s a reality I try to ignore most of the time: Life is full of waiting. I’m not talking about the kind of waiting that bothers but doesn’t overtake me: the time in the grocery store line, the time at the post office, or even the miles crawling through construction. I mean the deep soul waiting, the kind that threatens to undo me with its consistency and pain.

We all know this type of waiting — the type that causes our hearts to ache and our minds to unravel:

The wait for a spouse who hasn’t yet materialized.

The wait for a job that will fulfill and not exhaust us.

The wait for a desired child when our womb is barren.

The wait for stability when our mind betrays us with anxieties and depression.

The wait for reconciliation in a relationship that still strains with hurt.

The wait for healing in a body still weak and broken.

In our own ways and through our own experiences, all of us know the deep yearning that waiting births in us — the ways that waiting makes us question our purpose and our dreams and our hopes. Left to linger for months and years, waiting can become a place of sorrow, even of fear.

So how do we wait well? How do we learn to live in these seasons of waiting — knowing we have no clear end in sight — with hope? Even with joy?”

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