How To Live A Happier Life By Changing Your Thoughts

By Jessica Sletmo

Your thoughts can either make or break your day. But with the help of a positive attitude, you will be able to handle everything from Monday mornings to heavy setbacks. Life won’t necessarily be a breeze, but it will definitely be less of a struggle. Gaining and maintaining a positive attitude may seem like a challenge, but don’t worry, these articles will help you out!

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How To Remove Negativity From Your Life For Good

By Career Girl Daily

“We all want to be the best version of ourselves that we can be, that’s just human nature and while it’s perfectly normal, is it really very good for us? Most of us are far too critical for our own good, beating ourselves up over silly little things that really don’t even matter, like the time we didn’t quite reach a deadline or we didn’t get top marks in something. As trivial as these things may seem they can eat away at you and really stop you from reaching your full potential if you don’t learn to overcome them.”

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10 Ways to Be More Positive Right Now

By Tamera Mowry

“I’ve talked about steps you can take the night before to wake up refreshed and ultimately have a happier morning, but what about when you need a dose of positivity and inspiration to get you through this very moment? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a natural optimist, the truth is we could all use positive thoughts throughout our day. Try my ideas and let me know if they lift your spirits!”

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How To Deal With Negative Emotions

By Thirteen Thoughts

“Are you guys familiar with the story of Pollyanna? It’s a best-selling 1913 novel by Eleanor H. Porter about a young orphan who always tries to find something to be glad about, regardless of the situation. One Christmas morning, instead of a doll she wanted, she gets a pair of crutches, and her father tells her to look at the bright side of things- she doesn’t need to use them.

My mom calls me Pollyanna all the time. I always try to concentrate on the happy, good things in life- even when things get tough. But what happens when things get too tough, even for Pollyanna?”

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