How To Quit The Habit Of Hitting Snooze

You might think of the snooze button as your best friend. By allowing you to stay in bed for longer than your alarm wants you to, it is giving you more time in the comfort between your sheets. Unfortunately, your best friend is a fraud. These articles will tell you all about the downsides of your favorite habit while helping you quit it once and for all:

What Happens To Your Body When You Hit Snooze

By MyDomaine

“We can all admit it—refraining from hitting the snooze button first thing in the morning is a daily struggle. As soon as your alarm sounds and you're abruptly awoken from your dreamy state, the only thing you want to do is shut off the noise and curl back up into your sheets.

We know it isn't the most responsible course of action and can actually cause added stress once we do get up and out of bed and have fewer minutes to get ready. But the truth is much worse than a simple inconvenience—this daily habit is messing with your mind.”

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7 Ways To Kick Your Morning Snooze Habit For Good

By Byrdie

“I’ve wasted too many hours neither sleeping nor doing, caught in the trap that is snoozing, so I called on an expert for help. I spoke to Dr. Neil Stanley, an independent sleep expert, who said, ‘If you’re lying in bed and not throwing back the curtains, you’re not starting your day.’ Essentially we should be sleeping for longer or getting up and at ‘em, but that’s easier said than done… Keep scrolling for Dr. Stanley’s reasoning for us snoozing in the first place and how we can break the habit once and for all.”

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The Easiest Way To Stop Hitting Snooze And Get Your Butt Out Of Bed In The Morning

By PureWow

“Your morning routine: The alarm goes off at 6. You hit snooze, oh, five times before finally crawling out of bed at 7. Then, instead of making lunch, meditating or doing any of that other stuff you promised yourself you’d do, you’re frantically running all over the house because you’re already late. Tomorrow morning, it’s time make a clean break with the snooze alarm. Here’s how to do it.”

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