How To Finally Stand Up For Yourself

We live in a tough world and learning to stand up for yourself and your beliefs is key for a happy life. These articles will help you out!

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Love Your Life: Stop Putting Up With Bullshit

By Wonder Forest

“We may struggle at times and feel like we can’t do what we want to do… be it with work, family, or other aspects of our lives, but the truth is, we can. Some of us put up with so much unnecessary stress but the fact is, we place it there ourselves.

I’m going to be my usual blunt self for a minute and tell you this: you don’t have to put up with bullshit. Negativity, situations that make you feel less than who you are, and (what I like to call) ‘power-hoarding people’ are all present in your life because you let them be. You don’t have to put up with anything, at any time, from anyone.”

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On Standing Up For Yourself

By Zanita

“It’s really a lesson in being blunt and speaking your mind – and for me it stemmed from being ripped off in taxi’s and dealing with inappropriate comments men. I won’t accept that.

When I was younger I did – because frankly stepping in and standing up from yourself  can be pretty terrifying. It’s been a really important part of my own personal growth. I’m not talking about abusing someone for cutting in line (though a firm comment doesn’t go astray there) but a ‘no-doormat’ policy is an incredible valuable philosophy.”

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How To Be More Assertive, According To Research

By MyDomaine

“Though rarely discussed, assertiveness is at the crux of self-esteem and confidence. Without the ability to speak up for yourself, express your opinions, and set personal boundaries, you cannot build that essential self-respect that's an integral part of confidence. Those who struggle with assertiveness tend to put others' wants and needs ahead of their own and are often left with feelings of helplessness or discontent.”

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