How To Stop Self Pitying Yourself

The easiest way to stay miserable for a prolonged period of time is to feel sorry for yourself. To rise above any adversity, you must realize the responsibility you have over your happiness. These articles will tell you all about it!

Image via Darling Magazine

Refuse To Self-Pity

By Psychology Today

“You see, dear reader, we can divide people into two categories. In category one are those who whine, complain, and feel sorry for themselves when they face adversity. Instead of accepting that it is their responsibility to make the best of trying times, they think themselves the helpless and hapless victim of their life’s challenging circumstances—’I don’t deserve this.’ ‘Poor me.’ ‘It’s not fair.’ They think it is life's responsibility to make their lives work. And, they descend into the emotional swamp of self-pity.

In the second category, there are those who take responsibility for their lives. They assume it is their job to create the life they want, not others or fate. When they face adversity, they determine to make themselves happy, despite their difficult circumstances.”

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How To Identify If Self-Pity Is At Work In Your Life

By Darling Magazine

“Self-pity is thinking you are the only one who cares for you. When we solely use our lives as the context for how the world operates, self-pity begins to define us. Self-pity is a ‘self-indulgent attitude concerning one’s own difficulties, hardships, etc.’ There is a healthy dose of self-concern, sadness, mourning and sorrow. However, self-pity is distinguished from the crowd of other emotions with the keyword self-indulgent.

Self-indulgence looks like this: Your roommate starts seriously dating a guy and you enter that season with her. She’s cooking for him, he’s bringing her flowers, and you’re struggling to cut a sweet potato. You start asking yourself, ‘Why not me? Am I not good enough for flowers? Didn’t I live here first?’

Self-pity turns into all-consuming thought.”

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What To Do When Things Go Wrong And You Feel Sorry For Yourself

By Tiny Buddha

“I was down in the dumps the other day and was feeling sorry for myself. For some reason everything was just off. You know when you have one of those days when nothing seems to go right? And you get easily irritated and extra sensitive with everything?

It all began the night before.”

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