How To Stop Yourself From Getting Distracted

Distractions are sneaky little things. They show up when we least want them to only to hinder us from getting things done. One distraction can lead to another and suddenly you’ve wasted a lot of your precious time. These articles will help you stay focused:

How To Eliminate Distractions + Be Productive

By Thirteen Thoughts

“Being busy, and being productive are two different things. Aren’t they? Being productive means working smarter, not harder. It’s something that I’ve struggled with for the longest time. You could always hear me say ‘I’m soooo busy’ but at the end of day, I’d do a quick recap and realize that I really didn’t get as much done as I thought. I’d feel exhausted, but in reality, I really haven’t done anything very productive.

I’m sure you know that feeling. You’re sitting down to work, or plan on doing something. Then you get that notification on your phone. Is it an email? A text message? You pick up your phone ( know…’real quick’) and boom. You’re distracted.

You can say that when you procrastinate and put things off to be done at a later time, you’re stealing. You’re taking something away from yourself. Something you can never get back. Time.”

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Letting Go Of Distractions

By Zen Habits

“Today I deleted several apps from my phone: Twitter, Reddit, Feedly, Snapchat, the N.Y. Times app, and more. I’m letting go of distractions, or at least learning to.”

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4 Mindfulness Practices To Supercharge Your Productivity

By Rachel Gadiel

“It’s 8:55am on Tuesday morning, you have big day ahead of you and know you’ve got a zillion things on your to-do list you need to get done. While you’re drinking your morning coffee, you think to yourself - ‘Oh, I’m just going to log into Facebook to see how my post went last night’.

You logon + check your stats, but quicker than you can say 'OMG I just saw Kim Kardashian naked' - a post from your favourite blogger caught your eye and you had to check it out.

Fast forward 30 minutes later you still haven’t started on your to-do list and feeling overwhelmed because you’ve just seen a whole bunch of posts that your entrepreneur pals have already done this morning and you’re so behind!

Well, hello. Welcome. You’ve just been sucked into the digital time vortex: AKA productivity killer of the 21st Century.”

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