How To Tell You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

Sometimes your body will give you the most obvious signs of your lack of sleep, other times the signals can be quite subtle. These articles will help you understand when you aren’t getting enough sleep, so that you can make a change!

6 Surprising Signs You Need More Sleep

By Career Girl Daily

“Most of us are seriously sleep deprived. Your body may be sending you some flashing warning signs that you need to get some extra Zzz’s. However, a lot of the time we can mistake them for something else. We all know how important sleep is, but between our careers and social lives, it often takes a back seat.

Getting enough sleep to make it through the day isn’t enough, you need enough sleep to thrive not just survive. The recommended amount is about eight hours, but in case you’re not getting that, here are a few warning signs you might need to hit the hay a little earlier:”

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6 Sneaky Ways Your Body Is Telling You It Needs More Sleep

By Elite Daily

“In case you haven’t heard, sleep is really important. Research shows adults need a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night in order to to be happy, healthy, clear-thinking individuals. Sadly, nearly a third of Americans are sleep-deprived.

We know what you’re thinking. Life gets busy. You have a lot of work to do, TV to watch, friends to see and maybe even books to read. Plus, how will you ever meet all the guys you’ve been messaging on Tinder if you have to prioritize sleep?

We know what else you’re thinking: You don’t feel tired. You get five hours of sleep per night, and you’re doing just fine. We hate to break it to you, but you’re probably not doing as well as you think.

Here are six signs you’re not getting enough sleep.”

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7 Subtle And Slightly Bizarre Signs You Need More Sleep

By Greatist

“Turns out we could all use a little more shut-eye: Four in 10 Americans don’t get the recommended seven hours of sleep per night. As a result, we’re pretty familiar with the signs that our bodies need more rest: endless yawns, heavy eyes, and sleeping in on the weekends.

But when you go from a few restless nights to more chronic sleep deprivation—where sleep debt accumulates over weeks—you tend to not realize how tired you are, says Joseph Ojile, M.D., medical director at the Clayton Sleep Institute. ‘With fatigue and sleeplessness, we are by nature impaired,’ he says. ‘So that also means our self-awareness and judgment is off.’ Luckily there are some subtle (and slightly bizarre) signs that reveal when we're truly sleep deprived. “

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