The Do’s And Don’ts Of Networking

By Jessica Sletmo

Chances are, the thought of having to network isn’t exactly putting a smile on your face. The benefits of the act are, however, sure to make you smile. These articles will tell you all about the do’s and don'ts of networking to help you master the art.

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Going To An Event By Yourself: 4 Killer Conversation Starters

By Career Girl Daily

“You are the only one of your colleagues that went to the event, so here you are, standing by yourself with a drink in your hand and no one to talk to. Everyone seems to have found someone to have a nice chat with and jumping into a conversation that has already started (remember Bridget Jones trying that one? Very painful!) is not your strongest suit.”

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Networking Mistakes That Are Killing Your Game

By Career Contessa

Most of us get as excited about networking as we do about a root canal. But the thing is, it’s a pretty big deal. There’s a not-so-secret secret to job hunting that a lot of people like to ignore: when it comes to your career, ‘pull’ is just as important, if not more important, than ‘push.’ In other words, who you know can be more important than what you know when you’re trying to land the position of your dreams. I know this because my ‘pull’ made all the difference when I was applying for my current position as a patent agent.”

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How To Work A Room When You Don’t Know A Soul

By Camille Styles

“I’ve noticed that as I transition from my mid-twenties to my late-twenties, my comfort zone is becoming gradually smaller when it comes to social settings. So in an effort to shake things up a little bit, I turned to one of my all-time favorite communication experts for help — John Daly is a Professor of Communications at the University of Texas (and all around inspiring human), and he’s joining us today to share his do’s and don’ts for navigating a room when you don’t know a soul. Keep reading to learn how to break out of your shell and make your next networking event something you actually look forward to…”

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The Right Way To Network (& It’s Not By Attending Events)

By Zanita

“Networking is like professional dating – the chemistry is there or it isn’t and if it isn’t, don’t try to force it. Some of my best connections have happened naturally on an airplane, in line, on the subway, or through mutual friends. So aside from all your misconceptions, here is the right way to network.”

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