The Surprising Effects Of Yoga: More Than Just Stress Relief

By Jessica Sletmo

You’re probably familiar with yoga as a stress reliever, but the practice has the ability to affect your body and mind in more ways than one. Have you heard of yoga to support healing from trauma, as cure for your hangover or as a detox from your desk job? If not, these articles are for you!

Image via Michaela Forni

Yoga To Support Healing From Trauma

By Free People

“Chances are, we have all experienced a traumatic event in our lives. I consider trauma to be anything that we are not equipped to process or digest that distresses or disturbs our system. Trauma can leave our bodies and minds feeling unbalanced and unsafe. After experiencing a traumatic event, the amygdala in the brain goes into overdrive — anticipating danger even when there is no threat. This sympathetic nervous system response can create fear, anxiety and a general sense of feeling unbalanced. Yoga offers a practice that can assist with re-calibrating your nervous system so you can feel safe in your body in an authentic, accessible way. I have experienced the healing capacity of yoga and meditation first-hand and wanted to share some of this with you!”

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5 Yoga Poses To Cure Your Hangover

By Byrdie

“When last night involved one too many cocktails, your first inclination might be to hibernate all day with Netflix—or maybe, emerge in the name of brunch (extra fries, please). But aside from good old fashioned hydration, the best way to kick that headache (and bloating, and nausea) is to get your blood pumping. We won’t ask you to hit a Spin class, but can we interest you in some low-key yoga poses instead?”

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Yoga To Detox From Your Desk Job

By Free People

“If you spend a large portion of your day seated at a desk you could be stifling your body and your productivity. Add these postures to your day to counteract the side effects of desk-sitting!

Sitting for extended periods of time has been linked to muscle degeneration, back and neck pain and high blood pressure. Combat brain fog, stimulate your circulatory system and wake up the areas of the body that are strained with these three featured postures designed by me, Ryann Yoga, to counter-balance the effects of sitting at your desk.”

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