Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Career, Health, Soul and More

By Rachel Silvestri

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Spring cleaning doesn't just apply to cleaning your house, Spring clean your life too! Below are a few tips on Spring cleaning different aspects of your life.

Spring Cleaning For The Soul

By The Chalkboard Mag

"Internal chaos can manifest itself in many different external forms: an unhealthy diet, insomnia, addictive behaviors, chronic indecision or stagnation. For many of us, it takes shape in the form of messiness. And just like with a fast-food habit or a lack of sleep, the toxins can start to build up.

Just in time for spring cleaning season, we’re talking about all that internal and external clutter."

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6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Workout

By Taylor Walker Fit

"Spring is about to get sprung y’alllllll, and I couldn’t be more excited! Pastels and florals are in full bloom everywhere, temps are on the rise, and lazy summer days are around the corner. Cory and I have been down in Florida for four years now and we honestly cannot believe how fast the time has flown. When I first moved to Miami I was absolutely miserable. I wasn’t working like I am now, I didn’t have any friends, I wasn’t training clients and it was hot as hell. I cried a lot, and jumped on the opportunity to go to New York any chance I could get. After spending the winter in New York last year, I came back to Florida and embraced the sunshine and our life here with open arms. I feel happier and healthier in the beautiful sunny state of Florida, and as it begins to heat up everywhere else, I think it is time for you to get outside and enjoy every drop of sun and fun. So here are some sure fire ways to spring clean your workout!"

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5 Easy Ways to Spring-Clean Your Career

By My Domaine

"From organizing your closet to emptying out your pantry, now is the time to spring-clean your home. According to Money, it’s also an excellent time to check in with your career. “If you’ve been feeling stuck in your career, spring is the perfect time to dust off your résumé and start honing your skills,” writes Jen Hubley Luckwaldt. “You could be in a totally different place, professionally, by the time winter rolls round again.” So which chores are on the to-do list for tidying up your professional world?"

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Spring Cleaning Online: How to Deal with Toxic Crap on Social Media

By The Skinny Confidential

"I’m a big fan of crowding crappy stuff out. When it comes to eating clean, I crowd out the bad shit to make room for the good. When it comes to people, I crowd out the gloomy Eeyore’s to make room for the positive Penny’s. And when it comes to social media, I crowd out the negative to make room for the motivational.

The older I get the more I choose to follow motivational, uplifting people on social media. So instead of reading negativity on all of these social platforms, I’ve made a strong choice to follow/like/etc. positive role models, gurus, people and magazines. Basically I crowd out angry statuses ( or block them ) so I can focus on things like “Entrepreneur Magazine” or Ghandi quotes or whatever makes me happy."

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How to Spring-Clean Your Blog

By Style Sprinter

"There is something special about spring that motivates so many people to clean up their lives, apartments, wardrobes, and thoughts in preparation for the warm season. I am no exception here; I’ve been in a de-cluttering mood for the last few weeks. My desk, calendar, house, social media accounts, and many more areas of my life are much simpler and easy to navigate now. Finally, it’s time to audit and update my blog! Today, I’m sharing with you my go-to tips on how to make your blog more user-friendly and clutter-free."

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