10 Fashion and Beauty Vloggers You Should Be Following

Since the introduction of YouTube, vlogging has been an ever-growing category of self-expression, creativity, and inspiration. And since Bloglovin' now offers the ability to follow your favorite YouTube channels, we thought we'd get you started with some of our favorites. 

Below you can find some of the most talented fashion and beauty vloggers, who we think you should give a follow. Happy vlog surfing!

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is an award-winning fashion and beauty vlogger who focuses on creating clean, artistic videos with easy-to-follow titles and voiceovers. Michelle currently has over 7.7 million subscribers, and more than 1 billion views, making her one of the most watched talents on YouTube.

Michelle's style resonates across multiple channels. Whether it's through her blog, YouTube channel, or co-founded site Ipsy, she is constantly demonstrating her chic, personable demeanor with fun and engaging content that never fails to impress.

If you're looking to follow a renowned fashion and beauty vlogger who takes a clean and artistic approach to content, check out Michelle Phan!

Follow: Michelle Phan


Sammi of Beauty Crush is a fashion, beauty, and style vlogger who takes a chicly-elegant approach to content. Her videos dabble in anything from daily outfits, product reviews, day-to-day life, and even more personal heart-to-hearts. 

All of Sammi's videos are bright and fun, and perfectly capture her delightful personality. Her love for creating videos is fueled by the support of her viewers, and she hopes to be a unique source of inspiration for anyone who watches.  

If you're looking for a bright, chic vlogger who creates awesome fashion and beauty content, take a look at Beauty Crush!   

Follow: Beauty Crush

anna Gardner / Vivianna Does Makeup

London based Anna Gardner is the "makeup maven, product pusher, and lacquer lover behind Vivianna Does Makeup." Anna specializes in creating beauty-focused content that takes on angles of charm and wit.

Backed by a friendly but honest personality, Vivianna Does Makeup is essentially a viewer's guide to cosmetics with an unbiased editorial direction. She has a minimalistic aesthetic when it comes to beauty, and believes that bold lips should be the key accent when it comes to makeup, supported by a more simple look for the face to accentuate natural beauty.

If you're looking for a friendly but honest "weekly dose of beauty," approached by a charming and witty personality, take a look at Vivianna Does Makeup!

Follow: Vivianna Does Makeup

Jen / From Head to Toe 

Jen of From Head to Toe is a designer and freelance makeup artist turned blogger and YouTuber. She created From Head to Toe as an outlet for her experiences, and since then, has become an icon of self-expression and creativity who appeals to over 1 million subscribers.

Her goal when vlogging is to encourage self-confidence for viewers; encouraging them to feel comfortable in their own skin. She has a very modest disposition when creating videos, and believes that makeup should be used as a tool to boost self-esteem, not as a mask against society. 

If you're looking for a vlogger with a humble, confidence-boosting take on beauty, check out From Head to Toe!

Follow: From Head to Toe

Alix / I Covet Thee

Alix of I Covet Thee is a makeup and cosmetics addict with a love for all things beauty and fashion related. On top of beauty and fashion content, Alix also records tidbits of her life that add an element of up-beat lifestyle.

Her YouTube channel is filled with a nice variety of content; everything from monthly favorites, hair and skincare tips, and even budget beauty tutorials. Likewise, video quality is prime, making you feel as if Alix is giving you tips in person–paving way for a much more personable and realistic engagement.

If you're looking for a fun, personable personality to give you tips about all things beauty related, I Covet Thee is for you!

Follow: I Covet Thee

Amelia Liana

London based Amelia Liana takes a more all-around approach to vlogging, and covers not only beauty and fashion, but also fitness and cooking content. Amelia's channel showcases daily musings and insights that she hopes act as a light of creativity and inspiration for viewers. 

Amelia's style can be described as a modern mix between Manhattan and European style, supported by a more natural take on beauty and her constant travels. On her channel you'll find beauty hauls, skincare tutorials, styling videos, product reviews, and more, that create a very one-to-one engagement between she and her viewers. 

If you're looking for a traveling beauty vlogger with a Manhattan-European style, go check out Amelia Liana!

Follow: Amelia Liana

Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright created her vlog as an outlet to share her looks, life, and journey with viewers. She has a very modern, minimalist aesthetic when it comes to fashion, and a more natural, tailored style when it comes to beauty. 

Although she's based in London, Patricia takes some of her style cues from coast-to-coast, always managing to take it to the next level. And with her bright, cheery personality, you'll never be left feeling dissatisfied or lacking motivation to up your style. 

If you're looking for a fashion and lifestyle vlogger with a modern, minimalist style and bright personality, check out Patricia Bright!

Follow: Patricia Bright 

Claire Marshall / heyclaire

LA based Claire Marshall of heyclaire is a makeup artist turned beauty and lifestyle vlogger. "As a makeup artist in an industry where Photoshop is king, Claire aimed to create perfect looks before the first photo edit." This quote is the backing to her style–one of realistic standards and ideals. 

Starting out, Claire was the go-to girl for photographers and stylists on the east and west coast. Her career started out in Brooklyn, and eventually led her to LA where her vlogging journey began. Today, Claire and her cat Bruce Lee are taking on the industry with unique lifestyle and beauty content that appeals to viewers globally.

If you're looking for a talented beauty and lifestyle vlogger with realistic ideals and standards for society, go follow Claire Marshall!

Follow: Claire Marshall

Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman is a London based men's fashion, pop culture, and lifestyle vlogger who takes on the vlogosphere with an enthusiastic, fun approach to videos. Jim is well known in the fashion industry, and was voted GQ UK's Best Dressed Man of 2015

Jim's channel not only covers fashion, but also personal videos, baking, collaborations with other bloggers, and more. His reach is growing in the industry, and he can often be seen sitting front row at Fashion Week, or being featured in magazines like Vanity Fair and aforementioned GQ. 

If you're looking for an enthusiastic vlogger with a growing influence in the fashion industry, take a look at Jim Chapman!

Follow: Jim Chapman

Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy is a California based makeup, beauty, hair, and fashion vlogger with a bright and energetic personality. With nearly 2 million subscribers and counting, Dulce's influence reaches all spectrums of the Internet. 

Dulce posts everything from style and fashion inspirations, to beauty reviews and tutorials. A big aspect of her channel is that reciprocal relationships with viewers is important, so she is always trying to give back to her fans in every way possible. She struggled to get where she is today, and works to give back by helping viewers love themselves and follow their dreams. 

If you're looking for a an energetic personality who cares about maintaining relationships with viewers and helping them achieve a high level of confidence, take a look at Dulce Candy!

Follow: Dulce Candy

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