Why Prioritizing Rest Is Essential For Your Health

By Jessica Sletmo

Chances are, rest isn’t something you prioritize during a busy day, week, or even month. Busyness might seem glamorous, but the negative consequences it has on you and your health is far from desirable. These articles will help set your priorities straight.

Image via Janni Delér

Addicted to Busy: When Busy Is Really Avoidance

By The Everygirl

“There are different reasons why people are busy, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between someone who is legitimately engaged in meaningful pursuits from those who use busyness to compensate for anxiety or fear. Perhaps it’s fear of not being enough, or missing out, or facing challenges. Whatever the reason, if left unchecked, busyness may be astraight path to exhaustion and reinforce the anxiety and fear you may be trying to avoid. After doing some soul-searching and reading about what some of the scholars had to say about it, I put together a list of five things toxic busyness does that will make you rethink the way you spend your time.”

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5 Ways To Make More Time For Yourself And Avoid A Burnout

By Career Girl Daily

“As career girls we all have ambitious goals and lofty to-do lists. But between it all, it is important to find time for yourself. If you work yourself too much, burnout will come sneaking around uninvited, and we have all learned the hard way at least once that you can’t perform and deliver your best work when you are tired and stressed. So, take care of yourself by spending more time relaxing and doing the things you love. Here are 5 ways you can make more time for yourself.”

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Keeping Calm in Busyness with Danielle Cuccio

By Free People

“In today’s society we’re all so driven and it can feel strange when we’re not working, on Instagram or doing something ‘productive.’ We are taught to fill every single waking minute with something. However, one of the most productive and beneficial things we could be doing for ourselves is instilling a practice such as yoga or finding more stillness in our everyday lives.  It makes our days so much smoother, our minds so much more clear and our overall perspective much happier.”

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