Why You Should Choose Quality Pieces Over Quantity

by Sandrine Vaillancourt

Choosing quality over quantity is part of a more sustainable lifestyle. It has benefits for your wardrobe and your wallet. Here are the reasons why you should consider buying less, but better pieces, instead of going for cheaper options.

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Finding Your Style

It can take years to finally admit that you have found your personal style. In the meantime, try experimenting with different types of clothes, fabrics, or shapes. You will find that some pieces and colors look great on you, and you should stick to them. Over the years, these items will be the foundation of your personal style. Then, it will be easier to choose quality items that will last you longer, and that will look amazing on you.

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Cost Per Wear

Buying a few quality pieces will help you reduce the amount you spend on superfluous clothes in the long term. The more you buy, the less you wear your clothes to their full potential. If you buy quality pieces, they will last you longer, and you will spend your money wisely.

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Environmental Impact

Quality over quantity also means sustainable practices. Buying clothes from local designers is a great example of that. You will have quality pieces, and help your local economy, as well as limiting your environmental impact.

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Capsule Wardrobe

Why not building a capsule wardrobe? You can create a mini selection of well-made pieces that are adapted to your needs and style. It is the best way to think about the pieces that you will actually wear, and restrict to quality. 

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